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Enhancing Lean with ProModel Simulation Solutions
Enhancing Lean with ProModel Simulation Solutions
This three part course explains basic Lean concepts and demonstrates how ProModel Simulation Solutions can enhance your Lean Process Improvement initiatives.
PRICE Introductory $99, regularly $ 199



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Purchase Includes:
Six months of access to this course in our ProModel University online system (available 24/7).

Course modules:

  • This first module discusses many basic lean concepts, principles and tools, such as Takt Time, 5S and Value Stream Mapping. Some challenges of lean are mentioned and the value added by simulation technology is identified.
  • This second module introduces simulation concepts and how simulation can help your lean initiatives.
  • The third module of our Lean course provides an in depth study of how simulation can enhance a manufacturing facility's lean process improvement. We demonstrate model building using ProModel's Process Simulator tool, using Process Simulator to illustrate how models can be built to describe the "AS IS" and "TO BE" facility changes and quantify changes and improvements.

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