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Process Simulator Basics
Process Simulator Basics
Everything you need to know to get started with Process Simulator.



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Purchase Includes:
Six months of access to this course in our ProModel University online system (available 24/7).
The following course modules:

  • Module 1: Process Simulator specific toolbars and stencils, includes basic flowcharting in Visio
  • Module 2: Model building with five basic modeling elements: Entities, Arrivals,
  • Module 3: Work with the basic modeling elements to build four simple queuing system models side‐by‐side. Demonstrate the stochastic behavior introduced with process time variations, resource unavailability, and interdependencies between activities.
  • Module 4: Implementation of new constructs, statements, and modeling techniques. Build a slightly larger model that incorporates: periodic arrivals, batching, attaching, outlet routings, conditional routings, percentage routings, variables, attributes, system functions, and the LOG statement. This model is built in three phases.
  • Module 5: Scenario Analysis. Create and run multiple scenarios side by side and compare the scenario results.
  • Module 6: Implementation of additional modeling techniques and logic elements. Incorporate the following additional constructs: scheduled arrivals, resource shifts, and more advanced resource control.
  • Module 7: Understand hierarchical modeling and how to link models and submodels together in Process Simulator.
  • Quizzes are included Modules 1 – 7 to help you evaluate what you have learned.

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