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Consulting Simulation Solutions: For organizations which want to...

Solve problems IMMEDIATELY and in the FUTURE
Achieve rapid time to value and ROI
Realize the unparalleled results provided by simulation without the learning curve
Avoid having to develop simulation model building as a core competency

ProModel Corporation excels at delivering custom predictive analysis solutions that empower managers and executives to make better, faster decisions. Using our VAO (Visualize, Analyze, Optimize) project methodology, ProModel’s certified in-house consultants combine industry experience and model building expertise with our proprietary simulation technology to deliver these turn-key solutions.

ProModel has a successful track record of providing the appropriate predictive solution in manufacturing, logistics, business reengineering, healthcare, government, pharmaceuticals, project & portfolio planning lean, six sigma, and financial services. ProModel software and consulting solutions have created over $1 billion of value for our customers.

The VAO Project Methodology is built upon a powerful simulation engine that can take into account such things as multiple business assumptions, data variability, resource contention and complex interdependencies.

Visualize In order to make informed decisions, it is imperative to gain a thorough understanding of the current business environment. This includes understanding and visualizing processes and policies in action, including all of the associated variability, assumptions and interdependencies.

Analyze The next step is to analyze various process changes that may be possible and to show the impact that these changes can have on the performance of the business. This is accomplished through the use of a powerful simulation capability that will predict the outcomes of an unlimited number of different business scenarios.

Optimize With this powerful simulation scenario capability, the client is now able to make decisions that will optimize their selected performance objectives with a high probability for success, today and into the future.

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