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Project Simulator 2010 is a scenario planning, simulation and reporting add-in for Microsoft Project enabling project managers to rapidly Visualize, Analyze and Optimize their project plans, resulting in a higher probability of completing projects on-time and under-budget.

Project Planning

Project managers are often challenged with selecting the best method for executing a project before it even begins. This involves analyzing decisions such as using Technology A vs. Technology B or conducting the project in-house vs. outsourcing. Effective selection of the most appropriate plan can be difficult and time consuming considering that the life cycle of a project contains both variability and interdependency. Project Simulator 2010 takes this variability and interdependency into account by providing answers with ranges and confidence levels, resulting in a more accurate forecast of project performance.

Project Execution

Once the project has begun, project managers have a different set of issues than during the planning stage such as missed deadlines, new bottlenecks and changes in available resources. Project Simulator 2010 addresses these issues by allowing managers to identify and test ways of getting projects back on schedule if they fall behind.


1 . Add Range Estimations to Your Project
Within Microsoft Project, real life variability can be added to task times, resource availability, Go-No-Go criteria and other parameters through statistical distributions.

2. Create Project Scenario(s) with Variability
Easily create “what-if” scenarios and reports through the simulation engine.

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3. Make Decisions Driven by Project Scenario Analytics
View the information you need to reach your project goals and make important decisions, such as:

  • Improved Resource Allocation
  • Investment Decisions
  • Outsourcing Strategies
  • Process Improvement Initiatives
  • Project schedule selection
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Process Simulator 2010 Released
ProModel announces the launch of Project Simulator 2010 to offer customers enhanced performance, as well as innovative user interface features and an easier path to answers . In addition, as a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, ProModel has made the new version of Project Simulator compatible with Microsoft Project 2010.

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Microsoft Partner of the Year Finalist 2010

ProModel has been selected as a finalist for the 2010 Microsoft Partner Award in the Information Worker Solutions, Visio Partner of the Year award category.

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ProModel proudly announces it has been selected as a 2009 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference Awards winner in Information Worker Solutions, Data Visualization.

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