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    The Affordable Care Act is putting increasing levels of pressure on a healthcare system which was already strained. Considering this new reality how do hospital and clinic decision makers best evaluate their current systems and future plans in order to comply with the ACA yet continue to meet patient care standards as well as community and financial performance objectives?”

    The MedModel Methodology


    Create a dynamic, animated computer model of your clinical environment from CAD files, process or value stream maps, or Process Simulator models. Clearly see and understand current clinical processes in action. Watch your proposed changes run within the model to gain a better understanding of their effects in a specific clinical area or via a higher level patient flow/bed management environment.


    Brainstorm using the model to identify potential changes and develop scenarios in order to test improvements which will achieve operational and clinical objectives to quickly improve the delivery of care within your institution. Evaluate your current operations or design a new one in a risk free simulated environment. Understand real-life system behavior with all the variability and interdependencies of an actual healthcare facility. Analytical output reports and charts are automatically generated to verify improvements in the delivery of care through objective, statistical methods long before money and staff time are spent in implementation.


    Determine the most effective course of action based on scenarios developed in the analyze phase. Choose the optimal scenario to implement into your facility, resolving issues such as:

    • Patient Flow
    • Bed Management
    • Facility Design
    • Low Productivity
    • Transition Planning
    • Future Staffing Requirements
    • Equipment Planning
    • Logistical Analysis
    • Emergency Preparedness
    • Planning for Future Changes

    The MedModel Advantage

    MedModel provides administrators and managers the opportunity to test new ideas for system design or improvement in the delivery of care before committing the time and resources necessary to build or alter the actual system.

    MedModel focuses on issues such as:

    • Resource Utilization
    • System Capacity
    • Patient Flow within a specific clinical area
    • Patient Flow throughout the hospital
    • Constraints for rapidly changing patient demographics.

    By modeling the important elements of a hospital or clinic, healthcare leaders can experiment with different operating strategies and designs to achieve the best results for their patients.



    Hospital Patient Flow

    Helping multiple hospitals with patient flow analysis led to the development of this custom reusable predictive analytic patient flow solution.

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    Emergency Department

    MedModel enables healthcare organizations to test their ideas and scenarios for radical cost reduction or other performance objectives in a virtual environment BEFORE they are implemented, reducing the risks of implementing ineffective initiatives.

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    Perioperative Services

    Predictive Analytics Improves Surgical Division Room Utilization, Avoids Potential Expansion, While Maintaining Satisfactory Patient Wait Time.

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    Product Summary

    The MedModel Optimization Suite is a discrete-event simulation technology that helps you to make better decisions faster. It has been designed specifically for the healthcare industry to evaluate, plan, and design improvements to healthcare processes within key, high volume, high revenue areas of the hospital as well as system wide patient flow. It empowers you to accurately replicate complex real world clinical processes, conduct predictive performance analysis on potential changes, then optimize the system based on your key performance indicators.


    Learn About MedModel

    Discover MedModel-specific training, tutorial, and how-to videos. Explore our training resources, online help, and view our pre-recorded webinars to help further your knowledge of MedModel.

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    Consulting Services

    MedModel: with Six Sigma Analysis and Minitab

    What's New




      MedModel 10.12.224 (July 2022)


      Enhancements and Improvements

      • Licensing now uses MS web edge view 2 runtime. This removes dependance of IE.
      • Addressed Shift Carryover issues with Load Perm - improvements with recapture in some load perm situations were made to the engine.
      • Removed error message about “square root of a negative number” related to conveyors.
      • Resolved issue with Distance Traveled() - if the resource unit valued was less than what you entered for the function, you would see a misleading error message.


      ProModel AutoCAD® Edition

      (Requires additional subscription license)

      ProModel AutoCAD Edition now allows the user to build and simulate directly in AutoCAD 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023 - leveraging Factory Design Utilities.

      Enhancements and Improvements

      • Vault is now supported with ProModel AutoCAD Edition. - The simulation can now take advantage of the versioning and revisioning controls of Autodesk’s Vault. This has been tested with 2021, 2022, and 2023 editions.
      • Added ability to choose to keep a resource in setup downtimes for a location.
      • When you create a new flow with a new entity name, a default graphic is given to the Entity if it did not previously have one assigned.
      • Improvements made to the AutoCAD launcher; subsequently it has been move to the “Contents” folder.
      • Improved ability to use elements added to a simulation from ProModel Professional (i.e. if you reference an array in ACAD that you created in ProModel, once you have simulated once, you will not see errors regarding the name or usage within AutoCAD.)
      • Right clicking on a shift file assignment will now allow the user to open the file.



      MedModel 10.11.197 (May 2022)


      Enhancements and Improvements

      • Critical update for issues related to Time Series data collection. We have resolved issues where time series data was being corrupted.


      ProModel AutoCAD® Edition

      (Requires additional subscription license)

      ProModel AutoCAD Edition now allows the user to build and simulate directly in AutoCAD 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023 - leveraging Factory Design Utilities.

      Enhancements and Improvements

      • Critical update for issues related to Time Series data collection. We have resolved issues where time series data was being corrupted.



      MedModel 10.11.187 (April 2022)


      Enhancements and Improvements

      • Updated Simulation Start Trace Step button to toggle when Trace is checked in the Simulation Options.
      • Fixed issue with Model Instructions window from previous model being left open after starting a “New” Model.
      • Upgraded the Visual Studio Pre Req for RDB server 32 and 64 bit from 2010 to 2013.
      • Fixed issue where in some cases typing a local variable equals a negative local variable ("int a = -s").
      • Improved debugger window to display the logic centered in the debug window.


      ProModel AutoCAD® Edition

      (Requires additional subscription license)

      ProModel AutoCAD Edition now allows the user to build and simulate directly in AutoCAD 2020, 2021, and 2022 leveraging Factory Design Utilities

      Enhancements and Improvements

      • Logic Editor inline compiling - user logic will now compile on the fly
        • Logic tool tips for how to use the statements and functions now available.
        • Logic Parameter tool tips added.

          Logic Parameter Tool Tips

      • Logic now has a completion provider to help insure proper construction of logic.
          • Theme aware.
          • Errors as you type are displayed.
          • Logic snippets for If, While, and Do added - If the user types one of the 3 statements and then hits the TAB button twice, the structure of required logic is completed.

            A screenshot of a computer  Description automatically generated with medium confidence


    • Improved issue found with Path Segment distances not being stored properly.

        ProModel 3D Animator for Inventor®

        (An add-on to ProModel AutoCAD® Edition)

        Enhancements and Improvements

        • Forge Viewer OBJ clipping issue resolved.
        • Fixed issues where sometimes Entities would not show in the correct 3D position.

    MedModel 10.10.143 (January 2022)

      Enhancements and Improvements

    • Output Viewer COM enhancements:
    • Additional stability improvements for OV COM Automation for Entity Count Time Series
    • OV export register for 64 bit excel.
    • Resolved issues seen with opening and closing Logic in Processing and Routing -  This resolves a potential issue with closing down the move logic window and then trying to open it back up not working in some cases unless the user were to leave Process and Routing and come back.
    • Resolved issue reported where Entities in the grid change size based on layout zoom level
    • Resolved issue with Entity graphic isn't traveling through path - in some cases,  instead it disappears and appears at the destination


    MedModel 10.9.124 (November 2021)


    Enhancements and Improvements

      • Additional logic added in ProModel to Operational or Move Logic will no longer get lost.
      • Output Viewer COM enhancements:
      • Added ability to export Time Series data for Entity Count using COM.



    System Requirements




    Computer and processor

    1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x86-64) processor


    1 GB RAM (32-bit); 2 GB RAM (64-bit)

    Hard disk

    1.5 GB available disk space

    Operating system

    Windows 10


    Internet access (for online registration and updates)

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