Product News and MedModel 2014 SP3 Released

The newest release of ProModel and MedModel 2014 is updated to support WINDOWS 10 and OFFICE 2016 (32 bit).

For a full list of features and fixes, please visit the ProModel / MedModel download page in the Solutions Cafe.

The Product Formerly Known as Patient Flow Rx Is Being Renamed

The product in development, formerly known as Patient Flow Rx, is being renamed with some help from our healthcare customers.  We will reveal the name in early 2016. Thanks to those of you who are helping us.

As the product name is undergoing a makeover, the product itself continues to make great progress, thanks to our beta customers and agile development team.  If you would like to be contacted about being a possible beta customer or early adopter, please send an email to

The initial release of the product will focus on optimizing the patient discharge process.  Take a look at the example dashboard, screens, and charts being developed:

Dashboard shows health of the hospital or unit at a high level.


From the main menu, you can access a prioritized patient discharge list that includes the actions required to discharge each patient on the list. This list incorporates calculations for those beds that are the most important to be freed for use, based on predicted utilization and patient arrivals over the next 24 hours.


Another important element of the technology is patient placement.  It helps view your actual historical on-service and off-service placements, as well as predicting and prescribing corrective actions to ensure maximum correct placement over the next 24 hours.

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