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ProModel and Ingalls Shipbuilding Co-Present
AREAS at WMTC 2015 Breakfield of Ingalls Shipbuilding and Carl Napoletano of ProModel presented the AREAS application at the recent World Maritime Technology Conference 2015. The conference was held in Providence, RI on November 3-7 and was attended by thousands from the shipbuilding and support industries. 

Developed over the past 12 months as a ManTech Project, AREAS (Automatic Real Estate Allocation System) represents a dramatic leap forward in planning capabilities for the Huntington Ingalls yard located in Pascagoula, MS. The presentation was well attended, and the combined efforts of Breakfield and Napoletano displayed several of the features built into the custom HTML5 application.  A detailed write up on the project is featured in the ManTech publication, the Signal Fall 2015 edition.

“The new tool has taken a process that historically took 10 weeks to complete and can now finish the scheduling activity in less than an hour”

Huntington Ingalls
from the article in the
Fall 2015 edition of theSignal

AREAS represents a major game changer for Ingalls Shipbuilding and validated ProModel’s ability to help companies Make Better Decisions Faster. 

How Defense Contractor Uses ProModel to Assist in Winning More Defense Manufacturing Business

The government contracting market for 2014 was worth over $47 billion, and that was an increase over the previous year.  According to Deltek, there was a decline in solicitation values, but an increase in the total number of solicitations. These changes may indicate a shift in federal procurement toward programs that are smaller in scope and dollar value, which may make it easier for agencies to gain approval. The number of government contracts may change each year, and the value of each contract may increase or decrease based upon the current administration and many other factors, but one thing is certain—bidding government contacts is a challenging and competitive process. Anyone who has ever participated, knows this well.  You need every possible advantage to be successful in this very competitive market!

One way of gaining an advantage is by more accurately predicting resource requirements and production costs before you make a bid. One of the top 10 companies in the industry has been using ProModel simulation technologies to help them gain such an advantage.  This diversified, global, defense and information solutions company is successfully using Process Simulator Professional to model and simulate their complex, large-scale, manufacturing processes. By simulating their processes before a new contract is bid, this organization knows what they will need to meet the manufacturing and production requirements of the contract and what costs are likely to be incurred.

Read the complete success story to learn more:  Validate Complex Manufacturing Processes and New Facility Design with Process Simulator PRO.

Give Process Simulator a try! Download our free version here:

To learn more about ProModel and the various DoD projects of which we are a part, view these links: 

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