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Lead Materiel Integrator — Decision Support Tool: Provides Total Asset Visibility and Planning Capability Not Previously Available

With over 6,000 current users, the Lead Materiel Integrator (LMI) Decision Support Tool (DST), developed by ProModel Corporation, is the Army’s sole equipment distribution and redistribution tool.  From sourcing equipment and improving readiness at the tactical level, to cost-based decision making at the strategic level, DST provides the total asset visibility and planning capability that was previously absent to Army staff and materiel managers. 

“If you are a Logistician in today’s Army and not talking PSDs [Proposed Sourcing Decisions] you are irrelevant.”  

— MG Hurley FORSCOM G4

To learn more about what DST is doing for the Army, read the rest of Tim's blog post.

Timothy Shelton
Senior Program Manager
Army Programs
ProModel Corporation

ProModel secures contract to further enhance the functionality of the Naval Synchronization Toolset (NST) in support of NAVAIR PMA-265 and Commander Naval Air

NST is an Internet-based software tool that provides the Department of the Navy (DoN) with predictive analytic capabilities for the sourcing of aircraft to squadrons, squadrons to air wings, and air wings to aircraft carriers.

We are extremely pleased that the Navy continues to partner with us to expand the capability of NST.  It’s a testament to the Navy’s vision and to the superior work being performed by our dedicated NST team

— Carl Napoletano, ProModel
Sr. Vice President of Government and Manufacturing Solutions

NST provides rapid visibility into the consequences of the scheduling decisions related to individual aircraft, squadrons, carrier air wings, and carriers. The predictive planning capabilities of NST are used to resource F/A-18 aircraft to squadrons and air wings to support carrier strike groups (CSGs), with the intent of extending the lives of older, currently deployed aircraft.
ProModel Corporation provides technology-enabled, prescriptive analytic decision support solutions to the DoD and government agencies, as well as to the manufacturing, logistics, healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.

Ragnar Relay Race 2015 in the Books for Team ProModel

Another year, another Ragnar Relay Race completed.  This is the third year in a row that ProModel has entered a team in the running relay race from Chattanooga to Nashville, TN.  This year’s race took place on October 23-24. What is Ragnar, you may ask, and why is it in this eNewsblast?  Well, what it is can be seen below, and as for why, it’s a fun event in which our participation was initiated by our Government Solutions Team in 2013, so we wanted to share with our government audience!  

Ragnar is the overnight running relay race that makes testing your limits a team sport.

You and 11 of your craziest friends (or 5 of your crazier friends for an ultra team) pile into two vans for tag team running 200(ish) miles, day and night, relay-style. Only one runner hits the road at a time. Each participant runs three times, with each leg of the race ranging between 3 and 8 miles and varying in difficulty. So, from the elite runner down to the novice jogger, it's the perfect race for anyone.

Take a look at the pix we took on our Facebook page.

More from Team ProModel at the Ragnar Race in Tennessee!



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