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Summaries of just a few of our most recent projects:

Simulating The Impact Of New Laws On Probation Systems

Jennifer Cowden – Sr. Consultant

It was recently announced that the U.S. Justice Department is planning to release 6000 inmates near the end of the month due to new sentencing policies for non-violent drug-offenders.  Most of the prisoners will be placed in half-way houses and drug rehab centers as part of the “largest one-time release of federal prisoners” in U. S History, which begs the question: are these rehabilitation centers going to be ready for this sudden influx?

One state has had a similar law change recently and is rightly concerned about the impact that the new sentencing structure will have on the probation system and ancillary support services.  ProModel consultants have been working with this state’s Administrative Office of Probation to build a series of models around different aspects of the probation system.  The previous phase model studied the movement of youths through the juvenile probation system, while the model discussed in the video below addresses the adult probationer population.

Continue reading and WATCH VIDEO CASE STUDY

Probing LEAN Space with Dave Tucker

Dave Tucker – Director, LSS Initiatives
Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt

Most companies have the same basic question they are trying to answer from a model project.  How can I make more stuff quicker?  Whether it is manufacturing, government, healthcare, or most any other industry, they all want to get more items through their processes faster and often they want to do it with fewer resources.  That’s the climate we are in now.  Everyone has to do more with less.

I have observed that many problems in Manufacturing can be directly attributed to having too much WIP.  Excess WIP inventory ties up money, creates the need for storage, increases cycle time, reduces throughput, and wastes Resources time.  But Managers want to keep everyone busy so they allow more work to be introduced into their systems instead of looking for Lean ways to better manage the “pull” of work.  Companies that learn to control the amount of WIP to meet their orders always do better financially then other companies that continually flood the workplace with inventory.

So I get excited when a model shows some new information that a company has never seen or understood before.  When they can see the process waste, understand how to remove it and implement the plan – that’s a great thing.

Check out Dave's VIDEO on his work for the SPACE SHUTTLE PROGRAM and NASA


At a large manufacturer we were able to use Process Simulator Professional to successfully help analyze the value of running 2 versus 6 piece manufacturing runs. The analysis was for a single machine but the model helped an operation manager test the cost / benefit analysis for planning 2 versus 6 piece runs given a dramatic difference in setup time required. The model was successful in helping to reassess current versus future manufacturing planning of job sizes across a manufacturing cell.

Brian HoganBrian Hogan
Sr. Consultant & Project Manager

Joining ProModel in 2001, Brian has worked extensively with pharmaceutical companies, predominately Pfizer. In addition to the development of discrete-event simulation models, he also designs portfolio and Microsoft® Project-based simulation solutions. Brian’s area of expertise is in resource modeling and has effectively designed a number of animal care and husbandry solutions.

Brian received his BS in Business Administration from Babson College, a CSS in Administration and Management from Harvard, and a Departmental Degree in Psychology from Wellesley College. Brian is currently working on his Six Sigma Green Belt through the American Society for Quality.


A major hospital used ProModel’s professional services to model some of the transportation services that would be required in the new hospital (opening in the near future) to make sure there wouldn’t be any surprises on opening day. Additionally, there were several labor-type scenarios that needed testing prior to finalizing the staffing plans for the new hospital. The model uncovered a service related problem that now will be avoided and identified several labor saving opportunities, potentially in excess of three quarters of a million dollars.

Steve Courtney
Sr. Consultant & Project Manager

BS in Industrial Engineering from the University of Iowa. He has received his Six Sigma Green Belt through the American Society for Quality, and has completed the Body of Knowledge portion of SME Lean Bronze certification.  Steve has over 33 years of combined experience in manufacturing, industrial, and systems engineering.


ProModel and an Industry leading Animal Health organization created a tool to analyze and highlight specific livestock immunization programs.  A customized Microsoft Excel front end allows customer specific input. The Veterinary Operations team in the field works with potential customers to get their data into the application.  The simulation model is launched and reports are sent back to the Microsoft Excel file so everything is in one place.  While the Simulation Model is running, the customer views a slide presentation about the immunization program.  A dynamic tool that can match a system profile and report back specific results was a major objective of the solution.  The customer is confident that this solution will set it apart from others in the field and provide the information needed for their potential customers to make informed decisions about their immunization products.

Kyle Kester,
Sr. Consultant & Project Manager

BS in Industrial Engineering from Pennsylvania State University.  He is a certified Professional Engineer and has received his Six Sigma Green Belt through the American Society for Quality.  Kyle has over 10+ years in Supply Chain experience and is currently part of the Life Sciences vertical within ProModel.  He has worked on multiples solutions in Manufacturing, Logistics, Healthcare, and also a highly customized web-based application using ProModel Simulation for a large Animal Health organization.


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