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ProModel & MedModel 2014 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of ProModel and MedModel 2014. These products are available now for download from the Solutions Café as well as our downloads site (just ask Support to send you a link). You may also be prompted to update through the Automatic Update service the next time you start the application.

This 2014 release provides you with the power, ease, and resources to rapidly build highly effective models so you can make better decisions, faster.

New Logic Windows
The new logic windows help you build your logic faster, easily verify it and more clearly understand it. Color has been added to keywords and types, auto-indentation for blocks of logic, line numbers to quickly locate areas of logic, Intellisense, and a Syntax Guide.

Intellisense is what it sounds like; an intelligent list of all logic elements that pops up as you define your logic so you can quickly write it. Isn’t that what you thought it was? This list of elements appears as you type and includes all the statements, functions, locations, entities, resources, variables, attributes, arrays, distributions, etc…basically everything you need to write logic. And the beautiful thing is, you don’t have to remember exact names.

Syntax Guide
After a statement or function is added to your logic, a tooltip will appear displaying the syntax for the statement or function with all its possible options. No need to remember what is required or take time to look it up in Help; the Syntax Guide will appear and show you. This saves you time and keeps you focused on your logic.

Debug Window Expanded View
Along with new Logic windows, the Debug window has been improved to show more than three lines of logic! As you step from line to line, you can scroll and see the entire window of logic and can anticipate where it will go next and understand where it has come from.

Probability Field Flexibility
Varying probabilities for rework, line balancing, patient flow, etc. is now easier than ever to setup and include in scenario analysis. Simply add macros in your routing probability fields and define them as scenario parameters! Also, initialize and manage your routing probabilities through an array import.

New Resource Search Type
A new way to choose how entities capture resource units is by First Available. This gives you the ability to run your model in a pseudo unconstrained scenario and determine exactly how many units you need to complete the work defined in your system.

Model Instructions
Document your models, provide instructions on how to run them, and even explain what the results mean through utilizing images and links to online content. Whenever your model is opened, these instructions are displayed in a window that also allows you to immediately simulate scenarios.

Getting Started Panel
With the new Getting Started panel, you have immediate access to demo models, a quick-start video, training resources, online help, the ProModel Support team, and a whole host of How To videos.

This release also has new Demo Models and Graphic Libraries, runs in the Spanish language, and includes even more enhancements! Check out the What’s New pages for both ProModel and MedModel.

Featured Blog Post: ProModel and MedModel 2014

Kevin Field – Senior Product Manager

In this blog I am going to casually comment on some of the new features with the assumption that you have already reviewed What’s New in 2014 and perhaps even viewed the webinar I gave on this release. If not, you might want to consider doing so, otherwise…you can blissfully continue on with me…

Read more of Kevin’s blog post

Enterprise Portfolio Simulator 2014 Released

ProModel Releases EPS 2010 Service Pack 3Enterprise Portfolio Simulator 2014 Released
ProModel announced the release of Enterprise Portfolio Simulator 2014 late last month! Along with many other great features, this latest version includes Portfolio Scheduler.  Portfolio Scheduler is a cloud-based visualization tool for conducting rapid what-if portfolio planning. See in seconds, the impact of resource constraints on multiple project schedules. Contact to determine if you are eligible for a free support-assisted upgrade. This version includes many enhancements that make it easier for you to simulate real-world projects and portfolios. Just some of these great features include:

Template Matching Improvements
You can now use attributes to drive templates with more powerful capabilities that support comparison operators like greater than, less than, contains, starts with, etc.

Transfer Profiles from one division to another
You can now quickly copy template profiles from one division to another.

User Permissions by Division
Define user permissions on a per-division basis.

Resource Capacity Categories
Individual capacities for resources types can be defined and viewed in the resource unit time series report.

Resource Leveling Contours
Set up a capacity contour by resource by project to more powerfully model capacity sensitivity scenarios.

Fixed Cost and Cost Contours
Model costs over time with fixed costs contours. We now have up to 30 user-definable fixed cost fields.

In-Line Contours in more places
You can now define contours directly to the objects themselves with inline contours.

Don’t Forget - EPS 2014 Includes Portfolio Scheduler

This amazing new feature of EPS facilitates rapid portfolio what-if scenarios that show the impact of project schedules on constrained resources. It helps ensure that projects finish on time and within budget. Have the right resources in the right place at the right time!  

Find out more about EPS 2014

AST 7.0 Software Release

AST 7.0 Software release scheduled for delivery to US Army Forces Command on 18 July 2014 includes the following major capability:

  • Notification Alerts – AST 7.0 provides capability for Requirement Integrators, Combatant Command Planners, Organization Integrators (AC, ARNG, and USAR), and FORSCOM Leadership to subscribe to real time alerts when specific actions occur within the AST.  Alerts can be filtered based on the following characteristics:

    • Requirement Group (Aviation, Transportation, Chemical, Engineer, …)
    • MCL Assignments (ARNG, USAR, HQDA)

Alerts are delivered to user in real time via pop up messages and email delivery. In addition AST provides an Alert Notification Center to view all alerts.

  • Force Requirements Analytics - Reporting mechanism to all US Army Forces Command to analyze requirements over time utilizing Bar, Line, and Radar Charts, support tabular data and drill through capability to view detail level data.

Drill through Data

  • Adhoc Query Capability – Introduced an Ad-hoc Query Capability for power users to build flexible queries to answer the question of the day.

  • AST NIPRNET – Developed AST Unclassified (FOUO) software application for deployment to the NIPRNET at US Army Forces Command. Initial capability will include visibility into Units progression through the ARFOGEN Pool/Periods and scheduled ARTIMS and WIAS Events.  Additional capability will be included in AST 7.1 scheduled for delivery in January 2015.


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