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ProModel’s professional services team was very busy in the second quarter of 2014. We’ve been working with a host of clients in manufacturing, government, healthcare and the service industries. With the addition of Jennifer Cowden and Wesley O’Bryan in 2013, we now have our most highly skilled consulting team ever. They stand ready to develop cutting-edge turnkey applications or to help our clients maximize their investment in our simulation technology via training and mentoring activities.

If you have a need for custom application development or simulation training and mentoring services, please contact your ProModel regional sales director or send an inquiry to

Highlights from Q2


Outpatient Data Meets Predictive Simulation

A client has created a flexible and inexpensive-to-deploy outpatient clinic patient management system. This system tracks all patients through the entire clinic encounter. It knows all of the key characteristics of the patient encounter by pulling the patient provider, appointment time, appointment type, etc. from the outpatient clinical system using an HL7 interface. It both tracks the patient and pulls them through the clinic encounter. For example, if the patient is ready to have their vitals checked, the system knows this, knows which clinical person qualified to do this task is available, and then messages that staff member that this patient is ready for them to check their vitals. The same is true for all in-clinic equipment, such as testing equipment and spaces, e.g. exam rooms. Therefore when the patient is ready for the next step in the process the system pulls them to the next space and staff member capable of providing that care. This speeds up the patient flow through the clinic. The system tracks all of this patient flow and can then provide a wealth of information to clinic management telling them the encounter times by patient type, utilization of equipment, etc.

ProModel is working with this client to take the system to the next level by adding Predictive Analytical Simulation to the system. A generic outpatient process flow model is being constructed that will be populated with data created by the client’s patient management system. Then this model of any particular outpatient clinic can by experimented upon using simulation scenarios to predict the impact of changes. In this manner the outpatient clinic management will quickly and quantitatively know the benefits of any proposed change to staffing, equipment, spaces, or providers. By using an intuitive display of the model the client can easily test any proposed change on any clinic and inform the clinic’s management of a proposed change’s effect on their clinic operations.

 Dale Schroyer - Sr. Consultant & Project Manager

Since joining ProModel in 2000, Dale has been developing simulation models used by businesses to perform operational improvement and strategic planning. Prior to joining ProModel Dale spent seven years as a Sr. Corporate Management Engineering Consultant for Baystate Health System in Springfield, MA where he facilitated quality improvement efforts system wide including setting standards and facilitating business re-engineering teams. Earlier he worked as a Project Engineer at the Hamilton Standard Division of United Technologies.

Dale has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan and a Masters of Management Science from Lesley University. He is a certified Six Sigma Green Belt and is Lean Bronze certified.


Distribution Center:

A major retail logistics company used ProModel’s professional services to develop a model of one area of a 660,000 square foot distribution center. The engineering team responsible for this area used the model to gain insight into alternate sets of processing rules to govern the flow of products through the use of conveyors and personnel. For example, one opportunity for improvement was to vary the number and timing of the release of products onto an outbound conveyor so that the weigh scale at the end of the conveyor did not cause a backup. The best set of rules would require the lowest labor cost with the highest throughput without overwhelming the existing bottleneck(s) in the system.

Jim Rodgers, Sr. Consultant & Project Manager – B.Sc. in Computer Science from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. Jim has been with ProModel since 1998 as a consultant. Jim has developed many solution models for the transportation, automotive, pharmaceutical, healthcare, tobacco and service industries prior to and during his time at ProModel. Jim is a certified Six Sigma Greenbelt.


Supply Chain: 

A major electronics producer used ProModel’s professional services to develop a supply chain model to determine the appropriate strategy to change out battery systems in hybrid buses that are in service in ten cities across the US & Canada. The target was to change out all battery systems in less than 18 months.  The model was used to identify implementation details for the battery campaign such as how many batteries to stock at each site, required turnaround time at the repair center, and how many batteries to batch and ship.  The model demonstrated that the battery campaign could be completed in less than 18 months with the defined quantities.

 Dave Tucker – Director, Lean Six Sigma (LSS) Initiatives /
Sr. Consultant & Project Mgr.

Dave has over 13 years’ experience using ProModel process simulation modeling tools for process improvement, and over 25 years’ experience solving problems, conducting training, leading teams, and mentoring employees. He has led more than 40 Kaizen Events, completed dozens of simulation modeling projects, conducted hundreds of training sessions, facilitated over 200 Belts & Team Leaders, and assisted with the implementation of numerous process improvements saving customers millions of dollars. Additionally, Dave is a sought after speaker and has made many well-received presentations at Process Improvement, Simulation, Industrial Engineering, and Aerospace Conferences.

Prior to joining ProModel, Dave was the Lead Lean Six Sigma (L6S) Master Black Belt at United Space Alliance (USA), located at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. USA is the prime contractor to NASA responsible for the Space Shuttle Program.

Dave has a BSBA in Management from the University of Central Florida. He is a Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and a Certified Master Black Belt.



A tier-one supplier of molded/assembled parts to global automotive manufacturers wanted to analyze the capacity of their injection molding machines and floor inventory space to support the on-time supply of customer demand.  They used ProModel’s products and services to design and develop an analysis tool that determines the utilization of the equipment and the total inventory storage space required at various levels of safety stock levels.  Various customer demand schedules are input, and the constraints of the equipment and the operator tasks are specified.  The resulting simulation model data identifies if the equipment configuration is sufficient and how much inventory space is required for the selected customer demand schedule.

 Ken Davis - Sr. Consultant & Project Manager

Ken has worked in the industrial and management engineering field for over 30 years and brings a wealth of experience to ProModel customers in the areas of process improvement, scheduling, and business operations flow. Since joining ProModel in 1991, he has worked with a wide variety of businesses in optimizing operations workflow through simulation modeling and analysis.

Prior to joining ProModel and serving as the Southeast Regional Manager for ProModel products, Ken was employed in the Electronics Divisions of Northern Telecom and ITT-Telecom, the IT/Engineering Department at Carolina Power and Light, and the Pulp and Woodlands Division of Union Camp Corporation.

Ken received a BS in Industrial Engineering, an MBA from North Carolina State University, and earned his Six Sigma Green Belt Certification through the American Society for Quality.



An industry leading Motorcycle manufacturer used Process Simulator and ProModel’s professional services to help justify modifications to a production line to handle the launch of a new Motorcycle.  Process Simulator was used to create a “racetrack effect” to compare both the existing and proposed future layout where the same schedule is run through each layout.  The model is capable of testing any product mix to identify bottlenecks, throughput, capacity, and different takt times.  The solution added to the confidence in the new proposed layout which was later implemented.  The customer now has a working solution where only the new layout exists where they can further develop or test schedules to identify any bottlenecks before they occur in production.

Kyle Kester, Sr. Consultant & Project Manager

BS in Industrial Engineering from Pennsylvania State University.  He is a certified Professional Engineer and has received his Six Sigma Green Belt through the American Society for Quality.  Kyle has over 10+ years in Supply Chain experience and is currently part of the Life Sciences vertical within ProModel.  He has worked on multiples solutions in Manufacturing, Logistics, Healthcare, and also a highly customized web-based application using ProModel Simulation for a large Animal Health organization.


Mitigating the Hawthorne Effect

Featured ProModel Consultant Video Blog

Bruce Gladwin, PMP –
Vice President, Consulting Services

Check out Bruce’s work with a major home improvement retailer…

About Bruce
With over 25 years of experience in the simulation field, Bruce has worked with major corporations worldwide developing hundreds of models across a wide range of industries. In his 19-year tenure with ProModel, he has served as a Product Manager, Senior Consultant, and Simulation Trainer. Bruce was named VP of Consulting Services in 2005 and has oversight responsibility for ProModel’s Consulting and Customer Service Operations.

Bruce received a BS in Systems Engineering from the University of Arizona and an MBA from Brigham Young University. He is a certified expert in Lean production principles and received his Six Sigma Black Belt certification while employed at General Electric’s Power Systems division.

Key projects include:
Capacity analysis for GE Energy Products Europe – determined the maximum production capacity for gas turbine components at GE’s European manufacturing facility resulting in a savings of $9.6M  in capital avoidance.

Design of a green-field manufacturing site for production of GE industrial generators – resulted in a savings of $1.2M in capital avoidance and identified the need for an accelerated operator training program.

Design and analysis of a disassembly process for the Russian-built SS25 Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) in support of the 1991-92 START treaties between the US and the Soviet Union

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