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ProModel is now giving students even more exposure to simulation and a unique hands on experience with:

Process Analytics Using ProModel Workstation Simulator

ProModel Workstation Simulator :

  • Suitable for an undergraduate or MBA course in Operations Management as well as an introductory IE course on systems.
  • Requires only Excel and student version of ProModel, which can be downloaded from
  • Files used for the exercise are
    • PWS Workbook (Word file) – Contains the instructions and exercise information.
    • ProModel Workstation Simulator (Excel file) – The spreadsheet for defining models, running simulations and viewing output results.
    • Workstation Model Master (ProModel file) – The ProModel template used in creating models.
    • PWS Graphic Library (ProModel Graphic file) – Contains the graphics used in the simulation models.
  • All exercises are self-guided and self-paced.
  • Takes about 2 hours to complete all 5 exercises and answer all questions.
  • Solutions are provided to instructors.
  • Exercises cover all the fundamentals of system dynamics.
    • Impact of interdependencies and variation on system performance
    • Bottleneck analysis
    • Buffer sizing
    • Process improvement using Lean and Theory of Constraints
  • Exercises begin very elementary with canned experiments and gradually get more advanced with students running their own experiments.
  • Environment is controlled and catches input errors.
  • Instructors can skip, modify or add additional exercises.
  • Students get exposed to simulation and learn how to
    • Run independent replications
    • Interpret confidence intervals
    • Use a warm-up period
    • Conduct scenario comparisons
  • Students get to test their own intuition against the analytical capability of the simulator.

Click here to view the ProModel Workstation Workbook – "Process Analytics Using ProModel Workstation Simulator"

Professors wanting to demo ProModel Workstation Simulator may contact ProModel Support to receive a temporary license of the student version of ProModel 2014. Please use the following files to run the demonstration model:


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