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ProModel Corporation Releases Process Simulator Professional

Quicker, easier model building is now a reality with Process Simulator Professional – a brand new level of Process Simulator combining its original ease of use with an enhanced feature set enabling faster model building, more complex processes and improved model maintainability.  This enhanced version allows advanced users of Process Simulator and Microsoft Visio even more flexibility and control of business process improvement initiatives.

Click here to learn more about the valuable new capabilities available in the Professional edition.

Check out the Process Simulator Introduction Video

ProModel & MedModel 2014 to be Released in Early Q2

Here is a list of new capabilities in ProModel 2014:

  • Macros and Arrays allowed in Routing Rule Probability field  
    • Allows you to easily add the routing probabilities as a scenario parameter for scenario analysis or initialize the routing probabilities through an array import.

  • New Resource Search rule – First Available
    • Changes the resource unit search to give priority to the first available unit and not evenly distribute work across all units. This is good for running scenarios in a pseudo-unconstrained manner.

  • All graphic types can be rotated – EMF, PNG, JPG, GIF, TIF, etc.
    • This saves you from creating a new graphic for every possible rotation

  • New Logic Window
    • Color highlighting
    • Intellisense
    • Syntax Guide tooltip
    • Collapsible Region (use #region to start and #endregion to end)
    • Line numbers
    • Just open an existing model, go to logic, and start typing…

  • Debug window shows more than 3 lines of logic!

Enterprise Portfolio Simulator 2014 Coming in April

ProModel is happy to announce the upcoming release of Enterprise Portfolio Simulator 2014! Along with many other great features, this latest version includes Portfolio Scheduler.  Portfolio Scheduler is a cloud-based visualization tool for conducting rapid what-if portfolio planning. See in seconds, the impact of resource constraints on multiple project schedules. If you are interested in updating to the latest version of EPS just contact your ProModel account representative.

What are the new capabilities of the Enterprise Portfolio Simulator?
This version includes many enhancements that make it easier for you to simulate real-world projects and portfolios. Just some of these great features are listed below:

Template Matching Improvements
You can now use attributes to drive templates with more powerful capabilities that support comparison operators like greater than, less than, contains, starts with, etc.

Transfer Profiles from one division to another
You can now quickly copy template profiles from one division to another.

User Permissions by Division
Define user permissions on a per-division basis.

Resource Capacity Categories
Individual capacities for resources types can be defined and viewed in the resource unit time series report.

Resource Leveling Contours
Set up a capacity contour by resource by project to more powerfully model capacity sensitivity scenarios.

Fixed Cost and Cost Contours
Model costs over time with fixed costs contours. We now have up to 30 user-definable fixed cost fields.

In-Line Contours in more places
You can now define contours directly to the objects themselves with inline contours.

Portfolio Scheduler

Not familiar with our Portfolio Scheduler? 

This amazing new feature of EPS facilitates rapid portfolio what-if scenarios that show the impact of project schedules on constrained resources. It helps ensure that projects finish on time and within budget. Have the right resources in the right place at the right time!

Allocation Strategies
Experiment with new resource allocations to answer high-level questions like, what is the impact to my projects if I only have 80% of my current capacity going forward?

Adjust Capacities
Drag resource capacity up or down and see the impact on resource schedules.

Stack by Attributes
View demand stacked by attribute and drag whole demand segments, with their associated projects, forward and backwards in time.

DST-SM 4.2 Released

DST-SM 4.2 will support the Army’s efforts to reorganize materiel within certain Brigade Combat Teams (BCTs) by loosely coupling Proposed Sourcing Decisions to Authorizations instead of Cycles. Enhancements include improved queries, clearer materiel quantity calculations, revised screens, and easier navigation within the DST-SM application.    

To learn more about how DST-SM is helping the U.S. Army Materiel Command, check out this animated video


ProModel is Excited to Release AST 6.9!

Some of the new features in AST 6.9 include: Improved Sourcing, Army Reserve, Army National Guard, and HQDA integration (tasks, etc.), additional Army Special Forces integration (risk), improved executive-level reporting (scorecard), improved unit cycle management, and dozens more enhancements.

ProModel also recently completed a “financial costing” proof of principal for FORSCOM that integrated data from AST and the U.S. Army Force Generation Costing Tool (ACT) for analysis in ProModel’s Enterprise Portfolio Simulator (EPS).  Read more about ProModel custom solutions and our work with the US Army and Navy:

ProModel Custom Solutions

ProModel - Industries - Department of Defense


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