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To Expand or Not to Expand?  That is the Question?

Watch and listen to Angela Roberts, VP of Facilies for AltaMed, discuss how they utilized MedModel to help answer this question.

AltaMed -- Medical Facility Expansion Evaluation Video 1 of 4 (1min 37)

AltaMed -- Medical Facility Expansion Evaluation Video 2 of 4 (1min 55)

AltaMed -- Medical Facility Expansion Evaluation Video 3 of 4 (3min 33)

AltaMed -- Medical Facility Expansion Evaluation Video 4 of 4 (1min 17)


Optimizing Efficiency and Operations at a Large California Safety-Net Endoscopy Center: A Modeling and Simulation Approach

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ProModel Guest Blog

Guest Blog from Array Architects


Florangela Papa, LEED AP
Project Architect and Planner, Array Architects

Ryan Keszczyk
Intern Architect, Array Architects

We are Healthcare Architects.  When designing for the healthcare industry, we must respond to the increasing complexity of demands and restrictions based on spacing limitations, budgets, and resources.  As our healthcare clients adapt to their changing needs and experience a shift in operations and process, we needed to find a way to use real-time information and data to generate both tangible and quantifiable statistics that could be used to steer design.  These criteria led us to search for new tools that would allow us to analyze this data in a way that could improve our design process.  Simulation modeling is a tool that has drastically impacted the design process, increasing the value, flexibility, and quality of our designs while staying within the confines and restrictions of each individual project.  The once static historical data on spreadsheets and charts can now be analyzed in a visually dynamic way.  Using this technology we are able to visually see system bottlenecks and flawed areas of the process that have the most potential to improve the design, all in a virtual environment, before the project is too far along in the design process.  With simulation we can:   Click here to read the rest of this blog entry.


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