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RPS_Business_PortraitProModel at the AUSA Winter Symposium and Exposition

Pat Sullivan – VP, Army Programs

With over 5,700 attendees, and over 200 exhibitors, the annual AUSA Winter Symposium and Exposition kept the ProModel team very well occupied. According to Keith Vadas, ProModel’s CEO, the 2014 AUSA (Association of the United States Army) symposium (held during February 19-21, 2014 in Huntsville, AL) was by far the most productive that ProModel has attended. When asked by LTG(R) Roger Thompson, AUSA Vice President for Membership and Meetings, if ProModel would come back if AUSA decided on Huntsville for next year, Keith responded with an emphatic “Absolutely!”

Four Star General Dennis Via, Commander of the US Army Materiel Command (center right) and Major General (Ret) Freeman from Deloitte (center) visit the ProModel booth and discuss the positive impact that DST-SM is having on the Army Materiel Command.

Taking advantage of the efficiency of having the undivided attention of an AUSA audience, which was four times larger than that of last year’s winter conference, Team Redstone hosted an exceptional small-business seminar the day before the conference. The seminar was hosted by a team comprised of NASA, Army Materiel Command, Missile Defense Agency, and the Strategic Missile Defense Command, along with the Army’s Office of Small Business. This was a great networking opportunity, and it revealed some great information about opportunities for ProModel in DOD and NASA.

Major General Collyar, CG at AMCOM, stops by our booth at the AUSA Winter Symposium to talk with ProModel CEO Keith Vadas (right) and ProModels Director of Navy Programs Robert Wedertz (left)

Read more of Pat's post on the ProModel Blog

DST-SM (Decision Support Tool – Sourcing Module)  
4.2 Release

The newest release, DST-SM 4.2  continues to support the Army’s efforts to reorganize materiel within certain Brigade Combat Teams (BCTs) by loosely coupling Proposed Sourcing Decisions to Authorizations instead of Cycles.

A number of enhancements have been made to DST-SM since December. To make those enhancements possible, the DST-SM team (located in Ann Arbor, MI; Orem, UT; and Huntsville, Al) shifted gears late summer 2013 to an agile development approach. Each requirement sees the team working on a “sprint” basis. These sprints typically last a week, but some larger releases can have sprints that last up to three weeks. Within a typical sprint, one or more requirements are identified, developed, tested, and deployed to a production environment that is used almost immediately by the customer. DST-SM is currently being used by hundreds of users at a variety of locations with an increasing demand for performance and capability.

This agile development approach has allowed the team to improve DST-SM in major areas over a short period of time to meet these growing demands. Some areas of DST-SM that received major updates are: Auto Sourcing, User Management, Unit LIN Dashboard Report, Friction LIN Report, splitting Proposed Sourcing Decisions,  improved Queries, and easier navigation within the DST-SM application.    

The team continues to be recognized for its ability to quickly turn an immediate requirement into a major improvement within the application.  Following a demonstration of the latest application changes, a Headquarters Department of the Army staff told a panel of General Officers, “DST’s functionality and speed allowed us to accomplish in days what would have taken us months without this tool."

To learn more about how DST-SM is helping the U.S. Army Materiel Command, check out this animated video

ProModel is Excited to Release AST 6.9!

AST (ARFORGEN Synchronization Toolset) is a custom predictive analytic software platform used by the US Army Forces Command (FORSCOM) to source and synchronize Army resources. Some of the new features in AST 6.9 include: Improved Sourcing, Army Reserve, Army National Guard, and HQDA integration (tasks, etc.), additional Army Special Forces integration (risk), improved executive-level reporting (scorecard), improved Unit Cycle management, and dozens more enhancements.  ProModel also recently completed a “Financial Costing” proof of principal for FORSCOM that integrated data from AST and the U.S. Army Force Generation Costing Tool (ACT) for analysis in ProModel’s Enterprise Portfolio Simulator (EPS).
Read more about ProModel Custom Solutions and our work with the US Army:

ProModel Custom Solutions

ProModel Department of Defense


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