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ProModel’s professional services team saw plenty of activity in the first quarter of 2014. We continue to work with a host of clients in manufacturing, government, healthcare and the service industries. With the addition of Jennifer Cowden and Wesley O’Bryan in 2013, we now have our most highly skilled consulting team ever. They stand ready to develop cutting-edge turnkey applications or to help our clients maximize their investment in our simulation technology via training and mentoring activities.

If you have a need for custom application development or simulation training and mentoring services, please contact your ProModel regional sales director or send an inquiry to

A Few of the Highlights From Q1

Manufacturing: A large truck manufacturer used ProModel’s professional services to assist in building future-state models of their axle assembly and filling line. Certain operations needed to be moved from one area of the production line to another to avoid safety hazards. A simulation model was needed to ensure that the line could still produce to the required Takt time given changes to the sequence of operations. A sidebenefit was that the model showed how much surge capacity would exist in the modified production line to handle increases in future demand.

Wesley O’Bryan, Consultant & Project Manager -  BS in Project Operations Management and Marketing from the University of Idaho.  Wesley leads customer training events and serves as the administrator of ProModel Enterprise, utilized by ProModel employees, as well as ProModel customers.

Supply Chain: A major producer of perishable consumer products used ProModel’s professional services to develop a supply chain model to test the robustness of their contingency plans if a natural or other type of disaster were to strike one of their processing facilities. What changes to their existing curing and finishing operations could be made to ensure that 90% of their customer orders could still be fulfilled within 5 days of the planned delivery dates and how long would it take to return service levels to their normal performance?

Steve Hayes, Sr. Consultant & Project Manager -  BA in Biology from the University of Vermont.  Since joining ProModel in 2000, Steve has developed model solutions across multiple industries for many Fortune 500 companies. His solutions have saved his customers millions of dollars in both direct cost savings and cost avoidance.

Healthcare: AltaMed, a multi-clinic healthcare network in California used ProModel professional services to develop a “clinic simulator” tool that could predict the remaining capacity levels at each of their existing medical clinics and when those clinics will become capacity constrained according to forecasted population growth rates. The tool allows the customer to test expected changes in patient volume and mix, e.g. appointment vs. walk-in, as well as policy changes regarding the assignment of specific exam rooms to specific providers. For certain clinics the models identified over 30% increases in existing facility capacity via changes to operating policies.

Steve Courtney, Sr. Consultant & Project Manager - BS in Industrial Engineering from the University of Iowa. He has received his Six Sigma Green Belt through the American Society for Quality, and has completed the Body of Knowledge portion of SME Lean Bronze certification.  Steve has over 33 years of combined experience in manufacturing, industrial, and systems engineering.

Jennifer Cowden, Sr. Consultant - BS in Mechanical Engineering and a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Jennifer has created applications in the pharmaceutical, medical device, automotive, and consumer appliance industries.

Pharmaceutical: A large multi-national pharmaceutical company used ProModel’s professional services to deploy our Enterprise Portfolio Simulator (EPS) technology to successfully forecast regional resource requirements that are required to manage a generics portfolio. Results are helping to facilitate staff planning and an internal re-organization.

Another mid-cap pharma company used ProModel’s professional services to modify their product portfolio MS project plans to provide automated portfolio analysis scenarios in EPS. Outcomes include: resource forecasting, complex cost modeling, NPVcalculations, and a capability to test project prioritization scenarios.

Brian Hogan , Sr. Consultant & Project Manager - BS in Business Administration from Babson College, a CSS in Administration and Management from Harvard, and a Departmental Degree in Psychology from Wellesley College. Brian is currently working on his Six Sigma Green Belt through the American Society for Quality. 

Featured ProModel Consultant Video Blogs

Probing LEAN Space with Dave Tucker

Check out Dave’s work on the Space Shuttle Program with United Space Alliance and NASA….
Dave Tucker
Dave Tucker – Director, LSS Initiatives
Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt

About Dave
Dave Tucker is ProModel’s Director of Lean Six Sigma (LSS) Initiatives and also serves as a Senior Management Consultant and Project Manager.  He assists our clients primarily by providing simulation training, model consulting services, and LSS implementation advice.  Prior to joining ProModel, Dave was the Lead Lean Six Sigma (L6S) Master Black Belt at United Space Alliance (USA), located at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.  USA is the prime contractor to NASA responsible for the Space Shuttle Program.

Dave has over 25 years’ experience leading teams, mentoring employees, solving problems, conducting training, and improving operations. He has led more than forty Kaizen Events, completed dozens of process simulation modeling projects, conducted hundreds of training sessions, facilitated over two hundred Belts & Team Leaders, and assisted with the implementation of numerous process improvements saving millions of dollars.

Dave has an extensive background in numerous process improvement tools utilized in Lean Six Sigma DMAIC & DMEDI approaches, as well as Kaizen team methods and process simulation modeling.  He has about 14 years’ experience using ProModel process simulation modeling tools for process improvement.  In addition, he is a sought after speaker and has made many well-received presentations at Process Improvement, Simulation, Industrial Engineering, and Aerospace Conferences.  He has a BSBA in Management from the University of Central Florida.  Dave is a Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and a Certified Master Black Belt.

To Expand or Not to Expand? Medical Clinic Simulation with Jennifer Cowden

Check out Jennifer’s work on the Medical Clinic simulation model...

Jennifer Cowden - Senior Consultant

About Jennifer
Before joining ProModel in 2013, Jennifer spent 15 years in the automation industry working for a custom turnkey integrator. As an Applications Engineer she built simulation models (primarily using ProModel) to demonstrate throughput capacity of proposed equipment solutions for a variety of customers. Jennifer’s experience covers a wide range of industrial solutions – from power-and-free conveyor systems to overhead gantries and robotic storage and retrieval systems. She has also created applications in the pharmaceutical, medical device, automotive, and consumer appliance industries.

Jennifer has a BS in Mechanical Engineering and a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.


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