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Strengthening the Innovation Value Chain

By Cathy Liggett – Sales Director PPM Solutions

Our Customers can connect strategic planning with market and business opportunity definitions.

When Innovation Teams fail to deliver on their promises, the most frequent explanation is that the strategy was wrong. But the strategy by itself is not often the cause. Strategies most often fail because they aren’t executed well. Either the team isn’t capable of making them happen, or the leaders of the organization misjudge the challenges their teams face in the market place, or both.

The right portfolio and capacity planning tool will allow strategic planners to examine multiple scenarios and predict the probability of success within a set of given budgets, constraints and thresholds. Typically, strategic planners throw these guidelines over the fence to those responsible for identifying and defining market and business opportunities within their portfolio. If the strategic planning team shares the executable model developed while creating the strategy with the portfolio management team, the strategic vision can become “our” vision instead of “their” vision.

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New Vaccine Production Process Capacity and Resource Utilization Optimization

Optimize Throughput and Capacity of Drug Purification Process

A large pharmaceutical organization with which ProModel has a long-standing and successful relationship was developing a drug purification and manufacturing process for a crucial new vaccine. The orgainization was ramping up for multi-million dollar per month production and needed to optimize throughput and capacity.

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Featured Success Stories

Clinical Trial Site Selection and Maximizing Patient Enrollment

Over the past several years a Large Pharmaceutical Company's Clinical Research Department was facing unacceptable increases in costs and delays in conducting their Clinical Trials. To help better plan for the future, Clinical Research needed an improved methodology for projecting the required number of sites, start up timing, and patient randomization to reach trial milestones.

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Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facility Design

A major global consumer pharmaceutical firm was waiting for FDA approval of 2 new drugs. In order to be able to deliver the drugs to market as soon as possible, they had to design and build the new manufacturing facility during the approval stage. This put them in an extremely risky and costly position. They decided to minimize the risk as much as possible by engaging ProModel Corporation to help develop a simulation solution which they could use to do much of the planning and "what-if" analysis associated with this highly unpredictable situation.

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Evaluation of Development Strategic Investment Options

A leading global pharmaceutical firm invests close to $1 billion per year in Development Research to fuel the development pipeline with valuable drug opportunities. Appropriate allocation of these funds is critical to sustaining profitability. Because the business is so highly variable and unpredictable, management is always looking for more accurate ways to evaluate how various investment options affect the ability of Development to maximize throughput of Registrations and New Drug Applications (NDA's).

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