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EPS Round Table Discussion with ProModel Founder Dr. Charles Harrell

Charles HarrellA recording of this discussion can be found here: EPS_Roundtable

May 30, 2013, ProModel Corporation’s founder, Dr. Charles Harrell, conducted an informative roundtable discussion on the use of ProModel’s Enterprise Portfolio Simulator (EPS) in MBA and similarly named programs.   There were five professors from various academic organizations in attendance.  Some have used ProModel tools and others were just investigating the possibilities.

Dr. Harrell explained that 214 business or MBA programs now offer courses with a focus on project portfolio management (PPM), which is one of the key reasons to consider adopting PPM simulation with Enterprise Portfolio Simulator (EPS) in an MBA curriculum.

Additionally, Project Management Offices (PMO’s) are on the rise and the functions of those that already exist are drastically changing.  PMO’s are no longer administrative in function, but are focusing on strategic decision making.  Professor Harrell explained this is why EPS is a critical ingredient as we educate future business leaders.

ProModel currently has available a short introductory video and student exercise using EPS.  Instructors can sign-up NOW to use this program to introduce simulation and strategic decision making to their students.  Materials are already in place and a sandbox is available in which students can use a real cloud-based simulation tool to test scenarios and make real world-like decisions.

One professor at the roundtable shared his experiences using EPS in a classroom environment. The information he provided and recommendations he made were very pertinent and will be implemented into the EPS exercises. A second professor in attendance shared his experiences using ProModel academic materials to teach his operations research students.  In his class, students investigate how to predict how long a Boeing 787-9 project will take and what kinds of resources are required. In a recent semester students were able to see how the possibility of a strike would affect project outcomes by using ProModel simulation.  These predictions were difficult to make with other modeling tools which can only look at one project at a time and not an entire portfolio. He was particularly glad to hear that EPS doesn’t require students to do any model building.

In addition to EPS, ProModel is also currently developing a process analysis educational module that has already been piloted in one of American’s top Ivy League Universities in their MBA program. More information on this program will become available. 

ProModel will continue to make improvements to its current PPM MBA materials and make available new materials. Remember most PPM products do not take into consideration resource constraints and task time variability in the same way EPS does.  We invite you to try out EPS in courses where PPM is taught to help students gain the skills and insights they will need as business leaders to make the correct strategic decisions about resource capacity, project selection and return on investment for enterprise project portfolios.  Contact us today!

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EPS Roundtable Participants

Professor Farhad Moeeni, Ph.D., M.S.

Professor of Computer Information Technology and the Founder of the Laboratory for the Study of Automatic Identification at Arkansas State University.

Dr. Martha M. Perryman, Ph.D., M.B.A, MT

(ASCP) Graduate Program Coordinator MSHA & BS Degree Programs; Division of Healthcare Management;  School of Allied Health Sciences at Florida A&M University.

Professor Scott Metlen, Ph.D., M.B.A., B.S.

Business Department Head and Associate Professor, College of Business & Economics , University of Idaho.

Dr. Gurbachan Chadha

Doctor of Business Administration in Quality Systems Management (QSM), Master of Science in QSM, Bachelor of Science in Marketing Management, Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering, The National Graduate School.

Winners of the Deluxe ProModel Student Package Drawing/Giveaway

Doug Grammer of Marietta, Ohio

Doug has a Marketing degree from Marietta College and is now pursuing a Master’s in Education and Technology at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio.

Mina Georges of Michigan

Mina hales from the University of Michigan where he recently completed his B.S.E., Industrial and Operations Engineering.

Zachary Henson of Orange, California

I attended Chapman University in Orange, California and initially majored in International Business. God only knows how I ended up with an internship working with an amazing international theme park company in Orange, California. Through school and my internship I became very excited in the prospects of ProModel in the theme attractions environment. ProModel allowed accurate simulations that no other program could come close to paralleling. I now work as a Project Director. I am so excited to continue to push ProModel at the educational level into industries that have yet to fully realize its potential.


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