Summer 2013

ProModel Celebrates 25 Years!

Dr. Charles Harrell, Founder of ProModel,
Recalls How It All Started

Charles HarrellAs the original founder of ProModel Corporation, I thought it would be appropriate to post a bit on how ProModel got started, especially since that is the question that I invariably get asked when speaking to groups about ProModel. Although I suspect it is often asked out of idle curiosity, I believe the answer to this question helps explain what makes ProModel so unique.

The origins of ProModel go back to my time as a manufacturing engineer with Ford Motor Co. in 1976. The plant I worked for was gearing up for a new model year and I was tasked with planning three production lines for building transmissions components. The challenge for each line was to determine the right balance of machine capacity, buffer storage and resource allocation so that production target levels could be attained. Of course keeping cost to a minimum was also crucial. That was the first time I had been introduced to computer simulation. At the time, simulation models were often “programmed” by computer programmers in Fortran, a scientific programming language. There were two major drawbacks to this approach: (1) simulation studies took way too long (often up to one or two years to program and fully debug—too late to provide useful answers), and (2) programmers weren’t engineers and therefore had a difficult time understanding the process and knowing what solutions were feasible.

Read the rest of Charley’s post:
ProModel Blog: The Origins of ProModel

Some of Our Customers Favorite ProModel Memories!

I must have been an early user from the late 80s early 90s, when we were doing factory automation projects with robotics and Fortran math models for line balancing. Who could read and understand that output? Then between Siemens and Martin Marietta I found ProModel. So easy and flexible, we solved numerous problems for some large projects. Auto Paint lines, Metal Stamping lines, Anti-Lock Brake Assembly then in the late 90s and early 2000s I moved into Medical Systems and used MedModel to solve a PT/OT workflow and cost capture issues with just a refresher course. ProModel had many new features and functions but the core was the same, ran on my PC and had lots of analytical charts. Then back to Manufacturing 'sort of' with a Weapon Assembly line for Aircraft Carriers. Just last year a quick Telemedicine Scheduling model for the VA.  All using the same great product, great people and so supportive all along. ProModel Rules!
Congrats and here's to a continuing bright future.


Dennis Murphy
Senior Director, EBS Inc


Working with a client on the programming and design of a significant surgery and PACU expansion project the client wanted some assurance, very early in the programming and design phase of the project, that their project would not only solve some of their existing inefficiencies but would also satisfy their projected growth volume of 25% over the next five to ten years. ProModel allowed us to build a dynamic simulation to test multiple scenarios, based on historical and projected volume data, that gave our client the needed confidence that the capital expenditure they were prepared to spend would be well worth the investment.

Gregory Ettridge
Senior Associate, JACA Architects

We want to hear from you!

We want to know about your experiences with ProModel. What were some of the key decisions you were able to confidently make because of a ProModel solution?  Tell us about some of the most memorable and successful projects you’ve worked on with ProModel over the past 25 years.


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