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Enterprise Portfolio Simulator 2012
EPS 2012 SP2 Released

Announcing the release of EPS 2012 SP2!  Contact ProModel Support for your EPS upgrade at (888) 776-6633 or email

EPS 2012 SP2 is now available for Windows Server 2012.

New Major Features

The following features haven been implemented in EPS 2012 SP2:

Resource Surplus Mode

This new option allows the simulation to assign surplus (unassigned or idle) resources to tasks by one of three modes:SNAGHTML60896a80

  •  None:  This default option maintains the previous simulation behavior.  No surplus resources will be assigned.
  • Recoup:  Surplus resources will be assigned to tasks that have been previously delayed due to resource constraints.  The backlogged work will be recouped by the surplus resources in order to attempt to complete the task on time. 
  • Accelerate:  Surplus resources will be assigned to tasks to complete them ahead of schedule.

Resource Surplus Leveling %

When surplus resources are assigned, by default the highest priority task will get all the surplus resources.  The leveling % (a percentage of the original resource assignment) allows you to set the maximum surplus assignment a task can receive, thus spreading surplus resources among multiple tasks. 

For example, if a task has an assignment of four resource units, and the leveling % is set to 50%, the task will receive a maximum of two additional resource units, for a total of six.

With a Leveling % defined, tasks are assigned surplus in order of priority, so if the highest priority task gets its maximum share of the surplus, and there are still idle resources available, the next highest priority task will get its share of the surplus, and so on.

Optimization Improvement

Previously, optimization would generate all possible combinations of solutions.  The optimization is now smarter and doesn’t create what-if changes for parameters that do not impact the results.  This allows optimization to find better scenarios faster and without apparent duplication.

Improvements for Large Data

Operations that involve large amounts of data (duplicating divisions, clearing multiple records, etc.) are now more efficient and robust.

AST (ARFORGEN Synchronization Tool)

AST 6.7.1 Released

This interim release features many updates to support the GFM Sourcing Cycle, FORSCOM’s major yearly sourcing effort.  Support has been added to allow both the Army Reserve and National Guard to use AST to complete their own sourcing requirements.  We’ve also updated the E-Sync module to better support the Army training staff.  AST is poised to be a go-to application at FORSCOM (U.S. FORCES COMMAND) with more users than ever before.

ARFORGEN (Army Force Generation) AST product summary :


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