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EPS roundtable discussion with Dr. Charles Harrell, ProModel Founder, Director and Professor of Engineering and Technology - Brigham Young University

ProModel has developed an educational module based on our Enterprise Portfolio Simulator (EPS) product that teaches the principles and concepts of project portfolio planning using a case study. Having conducted a pilot program in several universities, we believe that it would be of value to MBA professors to hold a roundtable discussion where participants will learn how others have implemented the EPS module in their curriculum and be able to ask questions and exchange ideas.

MBA Professors, take advantage of this opportunity to participate in this hour long roundtable discussion. Participation is limited to 25 so register now!

EPS Roundtable discussion will be Thursday, May 30 from 9AM to 10AM (MDT).

ProModel 2013 Student Competition

Hey students! Demonstrate your ProModel simulation and model building skills using your term simulation project and win cash!

ProModel Corporation is pleased to sponsor a student simulation competition based on one of ProModel’s simulation tools (see below). If you have completed a simulation project as part of a class project or a simulation course, you are invited to submit your project to be judged in the competition.

The evaluation will be based on how well you gathered data, built the model, conducted the experiments, and reported the results. Previous contest participates must submit an all new submission including: data, models, experiments, and results.

Choose the tool you would like to work with:

ProModel - for manufacturing or logistics system simulation (production, warehousing, supply-chain, etc.) 
MedModel - for healthcare system simulation (ERs, ORs, clinics, etc.) 
ServiceModel - for airports, banks, amusement parks and entertainment venues, call centers, restaurants and processes and systems for financial services.
Process Simulator - (along with Microsoft Visio) will automatically turns diagrams into simulation models. Great for Lean Six Sigma, high level process planning, continuous process improvement, business process management/analysis, and workflow.

Three winners will be notified by email on July 31, 2013 and receive the following prizes:

  • 1st Place - $350
  • 2nd Place - $250
  • 3rd Place - $150 

Important Dates:

  • April 1, 2013 -The competition begins.
  • July 20, 2013 - Last day to submit final project reports.

Simulation Game is Game Changer

C. HarrellBy:
Dr. Charles Harrell

ProModel Director and Founder
Professor of Engineering and Technology - BYU

Project portfolio management (PPM) has emerged to become one of the most crucial ways of achieving strategic advantage in a business organization. In order to be competitive, business leaders recognize that they must be able to effectively plan and manage their project or product portfolio in a way that best achieves the financial goals of the organization. The question I would ask is: How well are university MBA programs responding to industry needs and preparing graduates who can effectively do PPM?

In the U.S. alone there are currently 214 graduate business or MBA programs offering either courses or emphases in PPM. But this number doesn’t necessarily reflect how many MBA programs do an adequate job of teaching PPM. Many programs treat PPM as just an extension of project management (PM), or they are content to treat it at a high, conceptual level rather than at an actual working level.

Click here to read Dr. Harrell's complete post on the ProModel Blog.

Twitter LinkedIn Facebook Like ProModel Online and Be a Winner

It's easy, like or follow us on one of our social media sites and fill out our giveaway form to enter the drawing to win a ProModel, MedModel or ServiceModel Deluxe Student Package.

After you have followed or liked us, visit our website to fill out the short sign up form to enter the giveaway. 

One winner will be chosen in each of three drawings scheduled for April, May and June 2013. Winners will get to choose the Deluxe Student Package they prefer and receive a bonus ProModel Academic video!

The Deluxe Student Package includes:                                                 
  • A CD with the latest simulation software designed for student use, plus demo and reference models.
  •  The software provides 20 locations, 8 entities, 8 resources, 5 attributes and 15 run-time interface macros. It's easy to use, but offers advanced features that will allow students to build complex models and prepare for professional success.
  • A printed User Guide with detailed explanations and illustrated examples. The guide complements the CD, serving as an excellent tool for helping students put theory into motion.
  • Deluxe Student Packages to choose from are ProModel, MedModel, and ServiceModel.

ProModel Academic Packages – Product Updates

The release of SP4-versions of Process Simulator, ProModel, MedModel and ServiceModel

Process Simulator SP4

  • Control sub model layout at simulation -Previously Process Simulator automatically calculated how many submodels should be placed within a row on the layout. You can now control this by either specifying a boundary up to which submodels can be placed or specifying the number of submodels that can be contained per row. 

  • Flexibility in Attach quantities - we’ve added the ability to enter an attribute for the quantity in an Attach connection. This simplifies the modeling of processes where Attach quantities vary from entity to entity. Improvement in resource requirements analysis - we now allow the number of units specified in a Use request to exceed the total number of units defined for a given resource. This allows you to create scenarios with fewer resources than a task or activity requires, thus effectively extending the overall time a task takes to complete. Compare these with other scenarios of varying resource quantities and analyze the effect on the overall process initiatives.


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