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Two Simulation Conferences Held in South America during May

More than 120 experts from around Brazil gathered in São Paulo on May 3 to participate in Innovation 2011, the eighth such event hosted by ProModel distributor Belge Engenharia e Sistemas. With more than 20 presentations by such powerhouse companies as Petrobras, Sadia, Eaton and Gerdau, it is fair to say that this conference was the best yet. Sessions focused on the use of dynamic models to increase output, enhance efficiency, reduce cost or improve quality. Long-time ProModel customer at Stihl, Sidnei Barronio, was conspicuously absent, but those who did attend were able to see photos of his newborn son—the next generation of simulation in Brazil.

For those who were not able to be in São Paulo on the day of the event, Belge took great effort to make the online broadcast of the conference available. This added effort facilitated massive participation of people from different states who would otherwise not have been able to benefited from the conference.

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Click here to learn about the conference (Portuguese Site).

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SimulArt attracted more than 120 participants to its conference at the Casa Piedra in Santiago, Chile on May 5. The morning session focused on modeling in the mining industry, with a lead presentation from Guillermo Nalli of Bechtel making a strong case for the strategic use of simulation. This was followed by presentations on military and academic projects, then an afternoon devoted to logistics and manufacturing. We look forward to having some of these presenters sign up for the ProModel Solutions Conference in Orlando.


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