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Academic License Up to Date?

Fall classes are right around the corner. Be prepared by Upgrading to 2011 versions of the ProModel, MedModel and ServiceModel, academic packages.

With the 2011 version of the ProModel academic packages, you are able to easily model multi-shift facilities using the new resource shift carryover capability.

The new versions’ features and enhancements include:

  • New Output Viewer time series charts
  • Location Utilization
  • Resources Usage
  • New .NET Scenario Manager
  • Resource Work Changeover – a resource will be able to take over work started by another resource on a previous shift
  • Simulate Scenarios
  • Package installation directory
  • Standardized hot keys
  • Double-click to select element name
  • Data Grouping Interval for Statistic series
  • Pooling time series statistics

Other products and tools we have to offer:

2011 ProModel, MedModel and ServiceModel Lab Packages:

  • Provides an unlimited version of the software for up to either 20 or 50 users at one time
  • Software may be installed on any number of computers and the licenses float on the network

2011 Process Simulator Professor Package and Lab Packages:

  • Process Simulator quickly and easily adds simulation capabilities and analysis to Microsoft Visio flowcharts, Value Stream Maps and facility layouts.
  • The Process Simulator Lab Packages are ideal for management and process planning/improvement courses where simulation is only part of the course.

NOTE: Process Simulator licenses are individual standalone licenses, and they reside only on the computers on which they are initially installed.  They cannot be moved between computers.

Enterprise Portfolio Simualtor Released2011 Enterprise Portfolio Simulator (EPS) Professor Package:

  • Goes beyond typical portfolio planning and forecasting to deliver a realistic, risk-adjusted, optimal portfolio that helps an organization reach its financial and project performance targets.
  • Web based application which can be used on its own or Integrated with Microsoft Project Server

Texts are also available upon request.
All Packages are available for educational purposes (not to be used for commercial consulting).

For more information on any of our academic products or services, check out the ProModel academic website  or contact us:
Jamie Tracy
Sandra Petty
Phone: (888) 437-7843

Academic Competition

The ProModel student simulation competition is under way.
We have contestants competing all over the country and international.

Is your institution represented?Solution Cafe
There is still time to register and compete.

The last day to submit final project reports for the ProModel Academic Contest is September 30, 2011.

This ProModel Academic Contest is being held in conjunction with the 2011 ProModel Solutions Conference, Oct 30-Nov 1, 2011, in Orlando, Florida.

Email for additonal details or questions.

Some of the benefits are:

  • An opportunity to demonstrate your process improvement skills using state-of-the-art simulation technology.
  • Free admission to the ProModel Solutions Conference in Orlando.
  • Cash awards – $2,000 for first place, $1,000 for second place and $500 for third place in all three contests (ProModel, MedModel, Portfolio Simulator, EPS).
  • The opportunity to network with simulation professionals in DoD/Gov, manufacturing and service industries.
  • An opportunity to interview for simulation internships and employment.
  • The nine finalists receive a free, 20-user commercial license for their university lab and a professor version.
  • Exposure on the ProModel website, e-newsletter and social media pages for the university and students.

Take advantage of this great opportunity!
Click here to learn more about the Solutions Conference and Academic Competition.


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