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Enterprise Portfolio Simualtor ReleasedEPS Academic Offering Available Soon
ProModel has now developed and packaged two training and exercise modules that can be used to teach students how to work in Enterprise Portfolio Simulator (EPS) to determine the best project portfolio plan for the greatest ROI.  Students will be able to see exactly how the tool works and have fun competing with one another to come up with the best portfolio plan. The exercise package is self-explanatory and will take about two to four hours to complete. Activities can be completed in class or remotely anywhere a student has internet access.

  • Create what-if scenarios with any project element in a safe sandbox, outside your project tracking application.
  • Rapidly visualize resource requirements across the vast portfolio landscape and compare it to a multitude of other options.
  • Experiment with project mix, start dates and resource priorities with specific objectives in mind.
  • ProModel technology analyzes interdependencies and variability over time, like never before.

Please click here to contact us and receive more information on the release of Enterprise Portfolio Simulator Academic Modules.

ProModel Solutions Conference 2011 Academic CompetitionSolution Cafe

Competition Description
Currently enrolled graduate and undergraduate university students are invited to participate in one of three simulation contests using ProModel technology to design or improve a process or product/project portfolio in a company or organization. Each of the three contests is based on one of the following ProModel simulation products:

  • ProModel
    for manufacturing or logistics system simulation (production, warehousing, supply-chain, etc.)
  • MedModel
    for healthcare system simulation (ERs, ORs, clinics, etc.)
  • Portfolio Simulator
    for product or project portfolio planning and optimization

Students may work individually or in teams and may consult with a faculty advisor.  Students may choose one of the defined problems to solve with the appropriate ProModel product.  All project work must be documented in a summary report (roughly 5 pages) that should be emailed with any accompanying models to no later than September 30, 2011.

Click here to learn more about the Solutions Conference and Academic Competition.

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