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Product News

ProModel, MedModel, ServiceModel 2010 coming!

This new version will be released summer of 2010.  In addition to several enhancements, 2010 will contain the following new features:

  • Sigma Analysis with integration to Minitab – select which variable statistic you want to do a Six Sigma analysis on in your model, run the simulation, and Minitab will automatically open and create Capability Analysis and Capability Sixpack charts.  Because the simulation data is populated in Minitab’s spreadsheets, further Minitab tests and analysis can be done.
  • ProModel 2010 ProductsOutput Viewer 4.0 – developed in the latest Microsoft WPF technology, the new output viewer simplifies the creation of views, provides quicker and more open access for modifying charts and tables, and allows for analysis and comparison of multiple model data sources. The new user interface follows the Microsoft fluent UI standard and uses a ribbon for providing access to all the reporting functionality.
  • Independent Scenarios – coupled with the capability introduced in the new Output Viewer, you will be able to run new scenarios independently of each other and compare their results side by side with previously simulated scenarios.
  • Calendars – definition of shifts and time off (holiday, vacation, etc.) for locations and resources will be done using the new .NET Calendar Editor.  It will expand upon the Shift Editor and provide a more accurate and intuitive way for scheduling resource availability.
  • Additional graphic formats supported – JPG, TIFF, PNG, ICO and GIF89a with transparency.
  • Optimized the path network mapping algorithm – the method for finding the shortest path between two nodes in a path network now uses the Floyd-Warshall algorithm. For those of you with huge path networks, we’ve just saved you some time!
  • Excel 2010 support for Array import and external Arrival and Entity-Location files
  • Online Help System – gives you access to the latest documentation…all the time.
  • Windows 7 Certified   Windows 7

Some of the fixes included will be:

  • Labels, axis settings and resource unit changes in Dynamic Plots were not persisting.
  • Resource utilization statistics for parent resources in Dynamic Plots were not being calculated correctly.
  • The file paths in connection strings for database array importing were not auto-updating after installing a model package and running the model.
  • Search and replace was not finding text in the database connection string and data access fields.
  • DTLeft function returned the total length of off-shift or break time instead of the remaining off-shift or break time.
  • DTLength is a new function which will return the total length of off-shift or break time (like DTLeft previously did).
  • And many more fixes…

Process SimulatorProcess Simulator
and Visio 2010

Process Simulator is gearing up for the much anticipated release of Visio 2010. Get an overview of what is coming in Visio 2010, see what the Visio 2010 experience will be, or download the Visio 2010 beta to try it out for yourself.  You’re going to love…

  • Quick shapes diagramming
  • Auto aligning and spacing
  • Page auto sizing
  • Office fluent UI
  • Inserting shapes between existing connections
  • Connection healing after deleting shapes
  • Subprocess creation
  • Publishing to SharePoint
  • Visio Services in SharePoint

Enterprise Portfolio SimulatorEnterprise Portfolio Simulator (EPS)
Coming in April!

ProModel is pleased to announce the eminent release of its powerful strategic portfolio and resource planning solution in an enterprise, server-based system.

On top of the incredible value provided by the stand-alone version of Portfolio Simulator, Enterprise Portfolio Simulator adds new, ease-of-use features, as well as intuitive collaborative capabilities.  Features include:

  1. A browser-based user interface, making it easier to:
    1. Deploy painlessly within your organization.
    2. Collaborate as a strategic team.
    3. Make, share and present portfolio decisions.
  2. Apply simulation properties and resources upon import using templates and custom attributes
  3. Works closely with Microsoft Project Server and other data sources by maintaining links to authoritative data.
  4. Provides a fast and flexible reporting framework.

ProModel Product Comparison

Project and Portfolio Simulator 2010 Coming in Q2 of 2010

Project Simulator Project Simulator

Scheduled to coincide with the release of Microsoft Project 2010, our popular simulation products will be undergoing improvements, including:

  • Compatibility with Microsoft Project 2010 and Microsoft Project Server 2010.
  • Improved import and auto-validation capabilities.
  • An easier-to-use interface and improved reports for Project Simulator.
  • Enhancements to Portfolio Simulator’s powerful Optimization add-in.
  • Integration between Portfolio Simulator and the new Enterprise Portfolio Simulator.


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