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Pharma and Healthcare News

Healthcare Clients to Join Annual Pharma Conference Fall 2010

ProModel is pleased  to announce The 4th Annual Capacity and Productivity Improvement Conference for the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industries, Using Simulation Technology to Improve Decision Making Capability to be held in Philadelpha, PA September 16-17th.

Join decision-makers in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.  Learn ways to make faster, more accurate decisions with a higher degree of confidence concerning complex strategic and mission critical issues.

This one-day conference will include presentations by industry experts and will be followed by a day of training. On the second day, you can also attend one-on-one meetings with consultants to answer your specific questions and participate in multiple opportunities to network with professionals in your industry.


Simulation and Lean Methodologies
This six hour course explains basic Lean concepts and demonstrates using Process Simulator to enhance your Lean Process Improvement initiatives.

Portfolio Simulator Overview Class
In this six hour course, you will learn to create portfolio scenarios,  create and interpret reports and charts, and understand Portfolio Simulation features. Includes hands-on Portfolio Simulator exercises and analysis.

Call for presentations:

ProModel is currently accepting applications for presentations demonstrating the success you have experienced using ProModel products or services. This is a great opportunity to showcase the simulation work you are doing at your company.  Each presentation should be approximately 45 minutes long (including some time for questions) and will be published in the conference proceedings distributed to all conference attendees.

If you are interested in sharing your project at the 2010 ProModel Conference, please email an abstract (approx. 100 words) to Christine Bunker at If you have any questions, please contact Christine at  (801)223-4601.


Preliminary Agenda

Thursday, September 16

Dinner Social

8:00   -  9:00
9:00   -  12:00
12:00 - 1:00
1:00   -  5:00

6:00   -  7:00

Friday, September 17


9:00   -  12:00
12:00  - 1:00
1:00   -  3:00


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