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Fourth Edition of Simulation Using ProModel Released

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ProModel is a Premier Sponsor at Autodesk University 2021
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New! In collaboration with Autodesk® - ProModel AutoCAD Edition
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ProModel to Exhibit at Healthcare Systems Process Improvement Conference 2021 - February 24-26
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ProModel Corporation Government Services Division Acquired by Leading Advanced Analytics Solutions Provider
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ProModel was a Silver Sponsor and Featured Speaker at Autodesk University 2020. Learn More at the ProModel Events Page.

Process Simulator Update -
Read more about the new enhancements and improvements in Process Simulator
ProModel Announces New Release of ProModel Autodesk Edition - Build Models Directly in AutoCAD
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Shipyard AI
Release 6.7 - New Features - Learn More
ProModel Announces New Release of Process Simulator, Process Simulator - Material Handling Edition
A Plug-In to Microsoft® Visio®, Developed by ProModel Corporation, Now Supports Modeling Material Flow.
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ProModel Announces Children's Hospital Colorado has Implemented its FutureFlow Rx® Predictive Patient Flow Technology
Integrated Discrete Event Simulation Census Predictor, Developed by ProModel Corporation, to Support Flu Season Decision Making
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Process Simulator and ProModel Now Integrate with AutoCAD and Inventor by Autodesk
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ProModel / MedModel 2018 SP3 Released
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Shipyard AI
Release 5.10 - New Features - Learn More
ProModel / MedModel 2018 SP2 Released
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Process Simulator SP4 Released
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Process Simulator 2019 SP3 Released
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ProModel / MedModel 2018 SP1 Released
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Seattle Childrens Implements ProModel's FutureFlow Rx Software

Integrated Discrete Event Simulation Census Predictor, Developed by ProModel Corporation, Facilitates Inpatient Flow and Access Management
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Identifying the Relative Importance of Predictive Variables in Artificial Neural Networks Based on Data Produced through a Discrete Event Simulation of a Manufacturing Environment

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This article by Rebecca Pires dos Santos of ProModel also appeared in the International Journal of Modeling and Simulation.

NEW! Process Simulator 2019.
Redesigned to support 64 and 32-bit editions of Visio 2016 and much more. Get all the details here: What's New?

New logistics management course is being offered by the Army!

COL(R) Pat Sullivan, Vice President, Army Programs ProModel: The Senior Logisticians Advanced Course (SLAC) is completing it’s third two-week session under the management of University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH).

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CIOReview Recognizes ProModel as one of "20 Most Promising Simulation Solution Providers"

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Read the CIOReview digital magazine article

Decision Support Tool Promotes Army's Supply Chain Readiness

"DST gives materiel managers the capability to realign equipment on their property books to maximize readiness or fulfill high-priority requirements. A plan that once took days to create can now be completed in minutes. With just a few clicks of the mouse, property book officers can optimize their formation, synchronizing existing equipment on-hand against authorization."  

- Lt. Col. Rodney Smith, chief, Distribution Integration Division, DMC. 

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AMC (Army Materiel Command) Restoring its Atrophied Repair Parts Inventory

Using a new system called the Decision Support Tool that Army Sustainment Command runs out of Rock Island Arsenal, Ill., “for the first time in my career, we can really see ourselves, and so we know where every single piece of equipment in the Army is, whether you are in the active component, the Reserve component or the National Guard. It’s never been that way; it’s very powerful.”

Army Materiel Command - General Gus Perna

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ProModel Newsletter Fall 2017

Check out the new features soon to be released in ProModel & MedModel 2018, as well as the latest customer success stories and training options. Read the Newsletter here.

ProModel Corporation Announces Support of 10th Annual Paralyzed Veterans Golf Open - June 19, 2017
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ProModel Sponsored Tennessee Valley Lineman Rodeo - June 9-10, 2017
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Article in Pediatric Quality & Safety January 2017

Simulation to Predict Effect of Citywide Events on Emergency Department Operations

A discrete event simulation of the ED at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia was designed and validated using past data. The model was used to predict the patient length of stay (LOS) and number of admitted patients if the arrival stream to the ED were to change by 50% from typical arrivals in either direction. 

Connected Logistics Awarded $461M Ceiling Idiq Prime Contract To Provide Program Management Support Services
To Us Army Program Executive Office Enterprise Information Systems (Peo Eis)
Click here to read the press release PDF

Article in Electronic Health Reporter April 12, 2016
ProModel Unveils FutureFlow Rx Real-Time Prescriptive Patient Flow Platform for Hospitals
Article in Concentrate Ann Arbor from May 4 2016
ProModel grows step by step with Ann Arbor's economy

Article in Electronic Health Reporter Aug 16, 2016
It's 6 a.m.: Do You know Where Your Patients Are? And Where They'll Be Next?

Article in Electronic Health Reporter Aug 31, 2016
Can Healthcare Learn from Aerospace and Airlines About Process Improvement Technology?

Clarity Quest, "It Works for Me"
Interview of Steve Haekler, ProModel Marketing Director, by Clarity Quest

ProModel is excited to introduce our healthcare solutions to organizations, like the VA, who are serious about improving healthcare access and quality.

The Veteran Affairs Department is working hard on system wide improvements for access and other very critical issues, and they have already surpassed the private sector in adopting many technological innovations that could easily transform the future efficiency and effectiveness of their entire system.   It's this type of forward thinking and informed decision making that will solve the major problems existing across the healthcare service field as a whole. 

Orlando Sentinel recently featured this article on how various VA medical centers are working together to share best practices and the technological implementations that help increase their efficiency.    

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