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ProModel Presented Supply Chain Analytics to the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals on December 7, 2016

ProModel Corporation provides technology enabled decision support solutions for Manufacturing, Service, Supply Chain & Logistics, Healthcare, and Government organizations. ProModel’s simulation-based Decision Support Solutions allow organizations to understand and measure system performance, test ideas, and assess critical business decisions in a low-risk, virtual environment.

ProModel’s presentation presented specific examples of how organizations have saved millions of dollars in operational expenses, increased throughput, reduced supply chain costs and decreased WIP through the use of ProModel process modeling and simulation. Bounded in past success, the talk demonstrated how members of the CSCMP can identify opportunities within their own organizations and achieve improvements to their bottom lines.
Specific topics of discussion included:

  • How a Big Box retail company leverages ProModel Solutions to continuously analyze and improve the design, operations and performance of their Distribution Centers located throughout the country to meet a constantly changing retail environment
  • How a Motorcycle Manufacturer reduced inventory within their facility and reduced the costs associated with it while maintaining production levels
  • How a Logistics Company analyzed their trucking network and reduced their operational cost by right-sizing their fleet to meet demand and in turn added millions of dollars to their bottom line performance

From tactical improvement initiatives to strategic planning, ProModel solutions help companies make better decisions - faster. Whether your issue is centered in Supply Chain Resiliency, Operational Excellence, Distribution Management or managing increasing capacity demands, ProModel can empower your company.

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