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Here are a few specific examples from thousands of customers who have successfully integrated ProModel solutions in their manufacturing environments</p> <hr> <strong>A Leading Appliance Manufacturer </strong> <p><strong>Solution:</strong> Service Level Improvement Through Supply Chain Analysis</p> <p><strong>Situation:<br> </strong>A $900 million division of the company was not meeting customer delivery level requirements even though inventory levels were high, product was available, and manufacturing capacity was not an issue. </p> <p><strong>Results:</strong> <br> Conservative Estimated Results:</p> <p>&#8226; ROI &gt;1000%<br> &#8226; Direct savings $12,000,000 annually, and 12% reduction in inventory carrying costs due to closing three factory warehouse locations<br> &#8226; Improved service level and lower projected lost sales from product stock-outs<br> &#8226; Gained the capability thorough use of the simulation solution to evaluate potential future changes to the supply chain including costs, delivery timing, fleet sizing, and demand schedules. <br> <br> <a href="/solutions/manufacturing/ML_PR_SC%20and%20Inv%20Opt_Appliance%20Supply%20Chain%20Analysis.pdf">Click here to read the full story</a> <img src="/images/acrobat_icon.gif" width="12" height="12" border="0"> </p> <hr> <p><strong>Global Leader in the Design and Manufacture of Floors, Ceilings and Cabinets</strong></p> <p><strong>Solution: </strong>Cost Reduction, Throughput Increase and Capital Justification</p> <p>The client was facing increasing costs from international suppliers. At the same time the company was seeing an increase in demand for hardwood flooring products. This situation led to the objective of increasing throughput in one of their U.S. solid wood manufacturing plants, while simultaneously reducing direct labor requirements and scrap/raw material waste.</p> <p><strong>Results:</strong></p> <p>&#8226; Discovered the means to meet required throughput while reducing labor costs by 20%.</p> <p>&#8226; Minimized wood scrap and significantly reduced material costs by measuring and sorting boards so the best combination of 2.5&#8221; and 3.5&#8221; could be cut from each board.</p> <p>&#8226; Estimated savings from this project are $1- 3 million.</p> <p>&#8226; Improved their ability to clearly and concisely communicate the value of process improvement to stakeholders.</p> <p><a href="/solutions/manufacturing/ML_PR_Cost%20Reduction_Cost%20Reduction,Throughput%20Increase%20and%20Capital%20Justification.pdf">Click here to read the full story</a> <img src="/images/acrobat_icon.gif" width="12" height="12" border="0"></p> <hr> <p><img src="/images/teradyne.gif" width="170" height="63"></p> <p><strong>Solution: Simulation Proof of Concept and New Product Introduction</strong></p> <p>Teradyne&#8217;s Operations NPI (New Product Introductions) Team felt that new tools were needed in order to provide improved strategic decision making and the desired increased confidence in the risk assessment for overall company performance. The evaluations would have to account for real life variability and interdependencies as well as allow multiple scenario evaluation and sensitivity analysis.</p> <p>The Operations NPI Team, decided to test ProModel&#8217;s simulation technology to see if it could provide the level of answers that the current tool-set and methods could not. The initial objective for this project was a &#8220;proof of concept&#8221; for simulation technology. If the proof of concept worked, then simulation would be incorporated into the Operations NPI tool-set for decision support.<br> <br> <a href="/solutions/business/ML_PR_New%20Product%20Introduction_Teradyne_New%20Product%20Intro%20&%20Mfg%20Optimization.pdf">Click here to read the full story</a> <img src="/images/acrobat_icon.gif" width="12" height="12" border="0"></p> <hr> <p><strong>Pillowtex Corporation</strong> - $2.2 billion company that manufactured pillows, mattress pads, comforters, towels, and sheets. </p> <p><strong>Solution: Plant Consolidation and Manufacturing Optimization</strong> </p> <p>Pillowtex had recently filed for bankruptcy and desperately needed to cut costs and regain profitability in the next 18 months or face the prospects of going out of business. It had five plants in the United States; all making the same three products (pillows, mattress pads, and comforters), all using identical equipment. Each plant had similar total floor space, but had different layouts, different material handling methods, different cycle times, and different costs.</p> <p>Total savings were based on closing two plants and all the associated costs (moving equipment, factory layouts, moving/hiring people, etc) coupled with the previously noted cost savings. Completion of this project resulted in a net savings of $12.2 million, with a payback period of nine months<br> <a href="/solutions/manufacturing/ML_PR_Cost%20Reduction_Pillowtex_Plant%20Consolidation%20Analysis.pdf"><br> <br> Click here to read the full project review.</a> <a href="/solutionscafe/Version History.pdf"><img src="/images/acrobat_icon.gif" width="12" height="12" border="0"></a> </p> <hr> <p><strong>Major Innovator in the Oil Drilling Industry</strong></p> <p><strong>Solution: New Plant Layout &#8211; New Product Introduction</strong></p> <p>The client is an innovator in the oil drilling industry for drill bits and the pipe strings that drive the bits thousands of feet to oil. To help counter the rising costs of drilling and exploration they envisioned a product that provides rig operators information about what is happening at the drill bit. </p> <p>With the product nearly developed, engineers and architects designed an 80,000 square foot building for the manufacture of the new drill pipe and remanufacture of bits returning from the field. This joint venture had to reach profitability quickly after coming on-line. Start up risks had to be reduced, and certainty was needed in the ramp up to reach planned capacity.</p> <p>Results<br> &#8226; Identified the most cost effective Course of Action such that the new facility could produce to the demand requirements.<br> &#8226; Ensured that the $8.5 million investment would meet the venture objectives.<br> &#8226; Predicted the impact of repairs and remanufacture of products returning from the field.<br> &#8226; Developed the basis for a supply chain analysis for the flow of returns from the field for remanufacturing, rebuilding, and upgrade.<br> <a href="/solutions/manufacturing/ML_PR_Facility%20Layout%20%20Exp_New%20Plant%20Layout%20%20New%20Product%20Introduction.pdf"><br> Click here to read the full project review.</a> <a href="/solutionscafe/Version History.pdf"><img src="/images/acrobat_icon.gif" width="12" height="12" border="0"></a> </p> <hr> <p><strong>Major U.S. Appliance Manufacturer</strong></p> <p><strong>Solution: Lean Analysis for Appliance Assembly Throughput</strong></p> <p>Throughput from the dishwasher tub line was not keeping pace with demand from the final assembly area. In order to increase the tub line throughput, the client added an extra shift at an annual cost of $275,000. The additional shift should not have been necessary given that the takt time for all tub operations was less than the required takt time at final assembly.</p> <p>This project was completed in two weeks using ProModel software and services. By eliminating the additional shift, the company realized an annual savings of $275,000. The ROI in the first year alone from this project was % 1,100 and the payback period was less than 2 months.</p> <p> <a href="/solutions/manufacturing/ML_PR_Throughput%20CycleTime%20Bottleneck_Lean%20Analysis%20for%20Appliance%20Assembly.pdf">Click here to read the full project review.</a> <a href="/solutionscafe/Version History.pdf"><img src="/images/acrobat_icon.gif" width="12" height="12" border="0"></a> </p> <hr> <p><b> <!--<a href="/solutions/manufacturing/mobil.asp">--> <img src="/images/exxonmobil-logo.gif" width="211" height="43" border="0"></b></p> <p><b>Solution: Evaluating new equipment and processes.</b></p> <p>XOM evaluated new equipment installation and process change for the Films Division with ProModel, to determine the impact of these changes on the rest of their operations. ProModel identified numerous unforeseen constraints involving automated guided vehicle operations. Once equipment was purchased and processes changed per ProModel recommendations, the plant was enabled to produce <strong>40% over </strong>previous expectations. Millions of dollars of benefit were realized with this ProModel solution.</p> <hr> <p><img src="/images/GM.jpg"></p> <p><b>Solution: Evaluating new equipment and processes.</b></p> <p>ProModel provided modeling, manufacturing process analysis and recommendations needed for GM to make critical launch decisions that <strong>saved millions of dollars</strong>. GM and a tier-one supplier were uncertain whether a new manufacturing process design for a critical stage of the new vehicle would produce the desired jobs per hour. ProModel discovered an unexpected constraint, which would have caused a <strong>30% shortfall</strong>. ProModel recommendations were implemented and the launch was saved. The supplier chose to integrate ProModel for ongoing process improvements.</p> <hr> <p> <!--<a href="/solutions/manufacturing/carrier.asp">--> <img src="/images/unitedtech.gif" width="212" height="54" border="0"></p> <p><b>Solution: Capacity analysis and improvement.</b></p> <p>Carrier Corporation, a division of United Technologies, used ProModel to accurately model their refrigeration equipment paint line. They found that more than $800K of planned throughput improvement projects would have <strong>little</strong> or <strong>NO</strong> impact on actual throughput. Instead they proved that, by installing a new paint oven, they could adequately improve throughput. This caused an annual benefit of $370K, and resulted in overall savings to Carrier of more than <strong>US $1 million</strong>.</p> <hr> <p> <!--<a href="/solutions/manufacturing/cymer.asp">--> <img src="/images/cymer-logo.gif" border="0"></p> <p><b>Solution: Capacity analysis and improvement.</b></p> <p>Modeling the entire laser plant helped Cymer ramp up production by 400% in one year, which allowed a revenue increase of <strong>over $180 million</strong>. ProModel was used to optimize new layout design, evaluate process changes, find and exploit constraints, schedule personnel, control WIP and investigate the impact of new techniques (i.e.: switching from a &#8220;push&#8221; to a &#8220;pull&#8221; system, evaluating just-in-time material flow, etc.).</p> <hr> <p> <!--<a href="/solutions/manufacturing/fiat.asp">--> <img src="/images/fiat-logo.gif" border="0"></p> <p><b>Solution: Inventory Reduction.</b></p> <p>Fiat found that ProModel enabled them to accurately model their process, reduce work-in-process inventory by 48%, reduce lead times, and reduce space requirements. From dozens of possible improvement initiatives, ProModel enabled them to identify specific plant scheduling changes and process improvements resulting in a large ROI and over <strong>US $1 million savings</strong>.</p> <hr> <p><img src="/images/wrightbrandfoods.jpg"></p> <p><b>Solution: Capacity analysis and improvement.</b></p> <p>ProModel accurately modeled Wright&#8217;s complex bacon production processes, helping them make valuable recommendations for new equipment, changes in process, and improved scheduling of personnel. This solution enabled Wright Brand Foods to double production capacity and save more than <strong>$10 million</strong>.</p> <hr> <img src="/images/eastmanchem.gif"> <p><b>Solution: Continuous Improvement.</b></p> <p>Eastman Chemicals uses ProModel to continuously analyze and evaluate manufacturing improvement opportunities, to determine whether new ideas will be valuable before risking implementation. Countless dollars in savings have been realized though improved cycle times, new equipment evaluations, throughput improvements, railcar loading improvements, optimized staffing and material handling designs. </p> <p><a href="Eastman-Chemical-web.pdf">Click here to see the Eastman Chemical success story</a>. </p> <hr> <p><img src="/images/boeing.jpg"></p> <p><b>Solution: Evaluating alternative manufacturing techinques (lean).</b></p> <p>Boeing used the predictive technology from ProModel to successfully implement lean manufacturing and dramatically reduce manufacturing costs. A counter-intuitive process change was identified that <b>reduced work-in-process inventory by 1/3</b> and improved delivery performance in a complex manufacturing process with over 1 million separate parts. The area supervisor had suspected this improvement would work, but until a custom ProModel solution was built, management had little faith to make the change. Our technology is all about risk-free decision-making in the safety of world-class software.</p> <hr> <p> <!--<a href="/solutions/manufacturing/ast.asp">--> <b>High Tech Manufacturer</b></p> <p><b>Solution: Reduce costs.</b></p> <p>This high tech manufacturer with over $2 billion per year revenue relied on custom solutions from ProModel to avoid unnecessary capital investments, to make significant cost reductions in labor input per unit, to shorten production cycle times and to improve quality. An example of how ProModel has helped was to determine that no new downstream capital equipment was required if the upstream <b>throughput was increased by 30%</b>. This manufacturer would have invested millions of dollars in the new equipment if they did not have the predictive technology from ProModel that allowed them to safely decide on their best business decision</p> <p><br> <a href="/aboutus/contactinfo/">Contact us to discuss how we can help change your manufacturing future.</a></p></td> </tr> </table></td> <td width="207" valign="top"" class="body"> <!--#include virtual="/include/manufacturing_news.htm" --> <h2><a href="manufacturing-example-model.asp"><img src="../../images/manufacturing-model.jpg" width="200" height="153" border="0"></a><br> View a Simulation</h2> <p>Please click on the image above to view an example model of ProModel Lean Manufacturing Simulation. </p></td> </tr> </table> <!--#include virtual="/include/footer.htm" --></BODY></HTML>