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ProModel Predictive Simulation Solutions for the
United States Government

Visualize your challenges,
Analyze your decisions before you act,
Optimize your results

ProModel offers operations process improvement consulting, and tools for analyzing process improvement.

Emergency Preparedness   Process Design and Reengineering
Security Design   Customer Service Improvement
Global Force Management   Capital Equipment Evaluation
Supply Chain & Logistics   Transportation Systems
Event Logistics and Planning      

In today’s resource constrained environment, with an increasingly complex military and governmental atmosphere, decision-makers can’t afford to be wrong. ProModel Corporation has an established presence in the Analysis, Modeling and Simulation arena for Fortune 500 companies and the Government as a provider of cutting edge simulation technology. This technology enables organizations to model time or event processes with assigned personnel. Technical services are available for modeling and simulating complex user defined requirements.

ProModel’s Visualize, Analyze, Optimize (VAO) methodology combines Industry Specific Professional Services and Innovative Technology to equip government decision-makers with a powerful “What-If” capability. This “What-If” capability improves the speed, accuracy and confidence with which they can make mission critical decisions.

Department of Defense

ARFORGEN (Army Force Generation) Project Review :

The Army Campaign Plan mandates implementation of ARFORGEN. The Commander, FORSCOM resourced the exploration of a predictive synchronization capability to address ARFORGEN in CY2004. FORSCOM executed a Proof of Principle (POP) using COTS manufacturing software. This software was provided by ProModel Corporation. The POP was successful and the FORSCOM commander allocated additional funds in CY2005 to develop a prototype ARFORGEN Synchronization Tool (AST) for evaluation. ProModel competed in an open solicitation and was awarded the contract to fully develop the AST in January 2006... read more in the ARFORGEN project review.

Government success stories – operations process improvement


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IIE Engineering Lean & Six Sigma Conference 2014
Oralndo, FL
Monday, September 29, 2014 -
Wednesday, October 01, 2014
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CHI Strategic Resource and Portfolio Management Conference 2014
Philadelphia, PA
Monday, November 03, 2014 -
Wednesday, November 05, 2014
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PEX Week 2015
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Retired Army Sgt. Major Joins ProModel as DST Project Lead at LOGSA
Click here to read the complete story on the Army website

ProModel’s custom DST technology plays a major role in increasing the Army’s materiel readiness:
Learn about the Lead Materiel Integrator – Decision Support Tool

FORSCOM launches Web-based tool to support Army Force Generation.

The Army's largest command recently launched a web-based tool called the Army Force Generation (ARFORGEN) Synchronization Tool (AST). AST is used to enhance the synchronization of Soldiers, equipment and resources with the requirements of combatant commanders.

ProModel is working hand in hand with FORSCOM to develop AST.

Click here to read the whole story

West Point team honored with 2011 Dr. Wilbur B. Payne Memorial Award for Excellence in Analysis
Click here to read the
press release

Evans Army Community Hospital wins the 2009 TRICARE award for Healthcare Innovations Program in Patient Access. 
Click here to read the
press release
. Adobe PDF

ProModel featured on MSDN Channel 9 detailing the use of Siverlight in an application for the U.S. Army

ProModel and IdeaBlade work together on development of a predictive resource scheduling application for the U.S. Army

ProModel Corporation’s technology and services lead US Army Forces Command (FORSCOM) team to the 2009 Army Knowledge Management Technology Award
Click here to read more. PDF

“The AST Team - government and commercial - is making history and changing the way the Army does business.  We should all be proud of our collective impact - ALL have contributed to a successful major shift in Army ARFORGEN business!”

 —Fred Rawcliffe, FORSCOM AST Project Manager

Army unveils new force generation tool at conference. 
AST (Army Force Generation Synchronization Tool) Co-Developed by ProModel Corporation and the Army.

"Thanks ProModel for your outstanding responsiveness, technical expertise, and desire to ensure our

U.S. Army

10 Year Journey of Implementing Simulation into a customers culture Video File


Government Compliance Documents

ProModel 2011 - 508 Compliance VPAT PDF

MedModel 2011 - 508 Compliance VPAT PDF

ServiceModel 2011 - 508 Compliance VPAT PDF