Technology-Enabled Predictive Analytics

Accelerate Performance Improvement Results While Eliminating the Risk with the ProModel® Optimization Suite
The ProModel Optimization Suite is a discrete-event simulation technology that helps you to make better decisions faster. It is used to plan, design and improve new or existing manufacturing, logistics and other tactical and operational systems. It empowers you to accurately replicate complex real-world processes with their inherent variability and interdependencies, to conduct predictive performance analysis on potential changes, and then to optimize the system based on your key performance indicators.

To understand how ProModel can help you, think of your facility as a collection of resources that are intended to function together cost-effectively. Each person and piece of equipment is related to every other component (by coincidence or convenience). Together, they define how your facility works. Now, what if you could dissemble all or part of the factory and reconfigure the pieces to find ways to run the entire system more efficiently? What if you could actually see which new configurations work best and which ones fail, by watching them for a week, month or year on a trial basis? ProModel lets you do just that. Forget risk, disruption and expense—test multiple alternatives in an amazingly short time.

The ProModel Methodology

Create a dynamic, animated computer model of your business environment from CAD files, process or value stream maps, or Process Simulator models. Clearly see and understand current processes and policies in action.
Brainstorm using the model to identify potential changes and develop scenarios to test improvements which will achieve business objectives. Run scenarios independently of each other and compare their results in the Output Viewer developed through the latest Microsoft® WPF technology.

Immediately test the impact of changes on current and future operations, risk free, with predictive scenario comparisons. Determine optimal business performance with a high probability of meeting your business goals.

The ProModel Advantage:

ProModel software allows you to:

  • Quickly realize Lean project goals
  • Effectively predict resource requirements
  • Visually demonstrate improvement scenarios
  • Enhance the Analyze and Improve steps in DMAIC.

ProModel Features

ProModel software features allow you to:

  • Conduct Quick-start modeling—creating models graphically, with instant animation
  • Develop independent "what if" scenarios with no risk
  • Direct data import and export with Microsoft® Excel® 2010
  • Capture system randomness and variability utilizing over 20 statistical distribution types; directly import your own data
  • Distribute models to other divisions and departments with run-time licensing
  • Automatically create output reports developed in the latest Microsoft WPF Technology
  • Reuse code, merge models, and use submodel capabilities
  • Complete run-time debugging
  • Employ 3D Animation available (via post processor)
  • Analyze optimization with SimRunner.
    Online help and calendars defining shifts and time off are also available.


ProModel technology provides you the power to create customized front and back-end interfaces that communicate directly with ProModel.  Using Microsoft Visual Basic (or any other ActiveX-enabled language), you can add capabilities to ProModel products including:

  • Customized user interface with table inputs
  • Custom-designed parameter screens
  • Automatic model creation from external data sources (e.g. Excel spreadsheets, databases, or ASCII text files)
  • Software execution from another application
  • Model building via programming

Accelerate Lean and Six
Sigma Initiatives

For LSS goals, using ProModel solutions you can:

  • Enable rapid adoption and life cycle support of your Lean events
  • Predict and quantify suggested improvements
  • Accelerate single events, or whole initiatives
  • Perform Six Sigma Analysis with integration to Minitab®
  • Conduct rapid independent scenario and output comparisons
    ProModel solutions accurately predict the impact of Lean events and Six Sigma changes by accounting for the combined effect of variability, uncertainty and interdependencies over time. ProModel’s certified Lean and Six Sigma consultants can help customers reduce risk and achieve accelerated LSS results now.


Manufacturing Performance Improvement

Are you responsible for the following?

  • Capacity analysis
  • Facility design and layout
  • Scheduling and resource allocation
  • New product introduction
  • Improved throughput
    Traditional methods can take a great deal of time, often with unknown results, but ProModel predictive technology solutions can shorten the time and reduce the risk in optimizing an organization’s performance.

ProModel 1Supply Chain Optimization

A ProModel solution can help you accurately visualize and analyze all of the aspects of your supply chain, including production, warehousing, distribution and transportation. Whether you’re designing a new supply chain, or realizing that your current one is the source of the problem, modeling the complex nature of supply chains with ProModel will allow you to experiment with different strategies and determine which ones are best and under which conditions.


Microsoft Partner of the Year Finalist 2011

2011 Microsoft Partner Award
ProModel Corporation announced it has been selected as a finalist for the Microsoft Visio Partner of the Year Award.
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Microsoft Partner of the Year Finalist 2010

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Microsoft Partner of the Year Winner 2009

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ProModel: with Six Sigma Analysis and Minitab

ProModel is Officially Windows 7 Certified

Windows 7ProModel has passed Microsoft's stringent requirements to become officially Windows 7 Certified.  This certification reflects ProModel's dedication to remaining continually compatible and up-to-date on the changing landscape our users experience when performing process improvement.

Even if your organization is not migrating to Windows 7, this accomplishment means easier deployment of ProModel and greater compatibility with any Microsoft Windows environment.

Hardware Requirements -

  • Intel Pentium 4 - 3.0 GHz/AMD Sempron 2.3 GHz or better
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 2 GB Free Disk Space
  • 64 MB RAM/Shared RAM Video Card
  • SVGA Monitor
  • CD ROM
  • Mouse
  • Windows XP, Vista

Hardware Requirements - Recommended

  • Intel Core i7/AMD Phenom II or better
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 10 GB Free Disk Space
  • 512 MB Video Card or Shared RAM
  • DVI\HDMI Monitor
  • Mouse
  • Internet access
  • Windows 7 (64 bit)


ProModel is a Windows desktop application. There are no plans for Mac or Unix/Linux versions.