Technology-Enabled Predictive Analytics
Portfolio Simulator

Create more realistic plans

Over 70% of all projects are late and over budget. Why? Because when creating project plans, traditional planning tools are incapable of taking into account variable processes, complex interdependencies and resource constraints.

Using Project Simulator is a quick and easy three-step process:

1. Visualize Your Realistic Project Plan with Simulation.
In Microsoft Project, open an existing project file or create a new one.
Simply replace uncertain values in your project with statistical distributions or factors which represent the range of possible values.

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2. Analyze Your Project Options with Simulation.
Gain visibility into your project dynamics by creating what-if scenarios.

• Technology Investment Options
• Plan Configuration Options
• Prioritization Strategies

3. Optimize your Project Plan with Simulation
Running what-if scenarios of your plans enables you to understand the cause and effect of the most uncertain and critical factors affecting your future.

  • Resource Allocation
• Probability of Critical Path(s)
• Process Improvement Initiatives

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You may click here to start the movie or you may use the controls located to the left and bottom of the movie.

1. Introduction

2. Overview

3. Open Microsoft Project File

4. Map Simulation Fields

5. Create Scenarios

6. Simulate Scenarios

7. Gantt Report

8. Start Finish Probability Report

9. Resource Usage Report

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